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Monthly Archives: November 2008

  • Keep Calm And Carry On


    A few months ago we introduced these framed posters to Shabby Chic stores. Initially I was attracted to it because of its roots within the British Military. However, it quickly became the motto around my offices and has become a top seller with customers. The sentiment is one that seems to speak to most everyone at the moment.

    Keep Calm & Carry On posters are available in 4 colors. To view, please click here.

    Keeping calm is quite challenging. While there are many reasons and understandings that created the economic crisis, the magnitude is what is most startling.

    I don’t profess to have a deep understanding of politics but there does seem to be some optimism at least for change. And with that change, the immense issues and needs of the world will have a fresh perspective of how to begin to make things better.

    But it is hard to get through the day, without stress levels rising. And I find more and more, the simple things that I have always found beautiful and lovely, have now become powerful tools to keep calm and carry on.

    I have always had sayings and quotes around my house. So often they are really pretty, written on a vintage plate or a lovely watercolor poem. But reading the words in passing always shifts my thinking.


    Days seem to start so early and end so late. I don’t find myself particularly tired but sleep isn’t big in my life right now. The “sandwich generation” that I seem to be in, of parents and children, (even if in their 20’s), personal goals and responsibilities make for busy busy days.

    I have mentioned the Blackberry culture before, but more and more I know for myself the tools of modern technology enable me to run so much faster, to commit myself to appointments and then before I know it I cannot keep calm or carry on. So I force a few anchors in my life that are simple, that just ground me, here and there when I feel myself spiraling.

    Sometimes just purity of thought is helpful. And simple white things.


    To view more white accessories, please click here.


    We have just introduced the sweetest collection of aprons in the Shabby Chic stores. They are my Shabby Chic prints on lovely crumpled cotton.



    With the holidays coming up, the pressure of gift giving is once again with us all. How quickly did this year go?

    Once again, I get to go through my cupboards of things that I collect over time so gift-giving time isn’t a crazy expensive scramble. For the first time, Shabby Chic is offering gift cards starting at $25.


    Gift cards available in stores only.

    I have never been a big fan of gift cards, but this year my stores have so many small but meaningful gifts, I feel proud to introduce them. We even have beautiful chocolate truffles from England in a pink box. Quite a departure for a furniture store, but still "beautiful, comfortable and so very functional".


    To view the chocolate truffles, please click here.

    I will continue to try and walk my talk, to keep stress at bay. To read my little sayings, to stop and smell the roses, to breathe and to appreciate all that I have.


    And therefore try to spread the calmness and peace around.


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