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Monthly Archives: December 2008

  • Happy And Peaceful Holidays To Everyone


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  • Reflection


    Birthdays and the end of the year seem to be the milestones that prompt us to look back on the year before and set goals and dreams for the year to come. As I get older I do understand that even though losses can become more painful, being grateful for inevitable gifts and lessons of life are so very important.



    Being an artist, a romantic, and a dreamer, I find it very easy to reflect on my life experiences in a storybook setting. I often cut out the yucky parts and leave just the beautiful pieces in my memory. Sometimes this causes for repeat mistakes. But in the end, somehow I do think we all learn what we need to learn. I have been giving much thought to how we frame our lives. And that no matter what we say, or even think, it is our actions that show our authentic selves.


    Our relationships with our friends and families are the true benchmark of our success and happiness. Of course, what we do with our lives is another element that adds to who we are. Much to reflect upon. And for me, it is the authenticity of myself and people that are so vital.


    My thoughts from inner reflection lead me to thinking about the reflection of a mirror, and how the authenticity of the frame and details set off the perfect reflection. A mirror is one of the signature items when I talk about components that I usually include when designing most rooms in a home.


    The size, shape, patina and frame all need to be considered of course. Oversized mirrors, to practical mirrors for bathrooms, to smaller vanity mirrors are always on my list when on my flea market escapades. Funny because I don't love to look into a mirror. In fact, often at the flea markets I will have someone else look in the mirrors to check for distortions. Guys never seem to be bothered with the surprises a mirror can reveal.




    The character of all these mirrors are set by their frames, but often it is the subtle details, the imperfections in the frames, or the peeling silver of the mirror itself that the true character lies.

    Kind of like our own character, of how we frame ourselves.

    I always buy vintage mirrors, but I also love the very selected collection of reproduction mirrors that we sell at Shabby Chic. To view more of our mirrors, please click here.


    To view the entire Icons of Faith Candle collection, please click here.

    I am hoping my last blog was helpful in creating peaceful moments. But there certainly is much about the future that give cause for concern.

    During a moment when I needed reassurance of the future, a dear friend quoted
    "What lies behind you and what lies ahead of you are tiny matters compared to what lies within you." by Waldo Emerson.

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