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Monthly Archives: January 2009

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  • Wonky, Broken, Unplanned But Beautiful

    When I was a little girl my mum used to buy and sell antique dolls.


    I very much appreciated her doll restoration process but really wasn't that interested in the pretty doll world. However, I did always ask her to put aside the cracked or broken ones.


    For many years I wondered if my attraction to the wonky was due to a low self esteem issue. But in the end it was the seed of what would become my comfort zone of loving imperfection.

    That is the core of Shabby Chic and my general philosophy of life. Perfection is too daunting.




    I recently moved into my new home which I am loving. I finally got it right!
    But somethings don't work so well.
    Somethings are a little broken.
    Somethings a little wonky.
    Somethings I placed in a hurry and have just left them there, and now they just belong, by mistake.

    But in the end, they are all beautiful. And I accept them, just the way they are, and now wouldn't want them any other way.







    And so with the new year ahead, I will continue to embrace everything imperfect and continue to understand that perspective makes all the difference in whether something is junk or a treasure, and that alone can make life quite a fine place to be. There is always beauty, somewhere, somehow.

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