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Monthly Archives: July 2009

  • The Quiet Car

    Last week I took the train from Penn Station in NY to Springfield MA for
    Brimfield Antique Show. Before I got on the train I made sure my phone
    and blackberry were fully charged so I could use my time productively on the
    train.I so much prefer to travel on the ground more than flying. In fact I'm
    actually a fearful flyer and am usually frozen with fear at airports and
    on planes. That's probably why there was once a comment written by someone
    who said I seemed "entitled and snobby" at the airport, I was probably
    asking the poor check in assistant 100 times if she thought we would be safe.

    United Note unfrienly skies copy

    I settled into my train seat, so happy that I was to be on a journey that
    didn't include the "unfriendly skies", blackberry and phone at hand.

    Quiet Car copy

    Before the train left the station a voice from nowhere announced "If you
    can hear my voice you have chosen the QUIET CAR. That means no cell phones,
    no loud conversation." How happy was I that a power more sensible than myself
    took control. Instead of an irritating knot in stomach journey, I enjoyed 3
    hours of a peaceful journey, chugging along viewing the scenery of Connecticut.
    I arrived in Brimfield at 3pm well rested. July is the quietest of the three Brimfield shows.

    Flea Pic 2 copy

    My treasure hunting was planned with a couple of friends, and also
    with an associate who is planning the launch of my new book
    signing at Selfridges in London.

    Selfridges final final 2

    Joining me as well was a lovely lady who owns the fabulous
    store Geminola in the West Village.

    Geminola final 5

    We became fast friends, with the common thread of loving the search for
    treasures. It didn't take long for the conversations to transpire while
    we lived together for a few days in the "flea market bubble".
    From 6am we searched for treasures followed by dinners where we
    searched our souls with conversations that easily flow when you find
    yourself away from home, with minds that think alike.
    There was giggly laughter as we reached exhaustion.

    Flea Sketch copy

    Boy Pic 3 copy

    Our group all had an appreciation for the imperfect and the
    imagination to recycle a new life for things that have soul but got
    discarded along the way. I wasn't looking for anything specific.
    Just some magic.

    Fancy Knife copy

    I managed to avoid the porto potties as I found a secret loo.

    Church Picture 5

    My eyes edited carefully, and as always metaphors stopped me in my tracks.
    I came across 3 chairs for $50. Not bad, until the seller pointed out,
    "One of the chairs has some issues". The chairs issues were hidden under a
    blanket. In my mind I calculated the price fore 3 chairs was fair, but if
    the chair "with issues" was of no use, the two remaining was. Not such a
    good deal.I respectfully lifted the blanket to reveal what were the issues,
    only to find a wooden spoke was coming undone and just needed some glue.
    I associated immediately with the concept of "coming undone", and just
    needing some tender loving care. I bought all three chairs.

    White chairs 5 copy

    chair glue final copy

    One afternoon I felt a little sleepy. I observed the sensibility of dog.

    dog nap copy

    and I thought "why not?". I found a tree for shade and did the same thing.

    Shade Tree copy

    It reminded me of my favorite book I used to read my children.

    The giving tree final copy

    My journey of the "quiet car" ended with the shade of a tree.
    I think we are back to "better than normal".

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