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Monthly Archives: August 2009

  • Spontaneous Summer Supper

    On a Wednesday night a couple of weeks ago I decided to have friends
    over for dinner. The beauty of having yummy mismatched dinnerware and
    glassware is it allows for festivities for all occasions. Easily dressed
    up or down. I did partial takeout delivery and part cooked so it had the
    illusion of a home prepared meal. (Although I fessed up when asked).

    List with dinnerwear final

    My garden seems ridiculously happy.

    Small Bouquets final final 2

    Flowers and ground cover that was supposed to be a few inches tall
    became several feet. All that talking out loud to myself these past
    months I think was interpreted that I was talking to my garden.

    explosive garden final 9

    Inside and outside, my house lends itself to lots of clustered seating.

    old texan bench

    Even with a spontaneous feast, place cards make a personal touch.

    name card tag 2

    Endless mismatched glassware and plates.

    place settings low res 8

    I always buy an abundance of little white votives.
    Luxurious and affordable.

    White votives copy

    Even with the party over, nothing is an eyesore.

    the end of the evening table copy

    desert copy

    twas a lovely evening copy

    At the end of the day, having friends over and being able to enjoy all is really better than any fancy restaurant.

    happy guests copy

    The summer draws to a close and I can start expecting the leaves
    to change and the chill in the air.

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  • The Greatest Gift

    china cups copy

    I will keep private how and why I landed up on a path this week
    unexpectedly and unplanned.

    the unexpedcted path final

    It was path that I never thought would personally be my journey.
    But I have a sense it is the final chapter for me to start my new chapter.

    pink bow gift newspaper copy

    I have been a responsible single mum and business owner for 20 years
    and with all the events of the past months I thought I had clarity
    on how and why.... things turned out the way they did.

    lavender gift copy

    One of my favorite books I used to read my kids was the missing piece.

    the missing piece final  final copy

    I appreciated the notion that sometimes it feels better to be incomplete.
    In the same way I have embraced the beauty of imperfection.
    However, my journey this week taught me there are some fundamental pieces
    that have to be found.

    pink script copy

    -Were words that changed my life this week.
    I learned to understand it can apply to anything in our lives.
    I have realized that much as though I love Shabby Chic and much as though
    I love my children my exterior passions have also allowed me to avoid my
    own inner peace and strengths in some respects.

    On one level I have manifested beautiful children and
    a beautiful aesthetic but I have clipped their wings due my fears.

    Wings copy

    the emperor moth blue final

    Once again I have been graced with a gift that as my children become
    adults and Shabby Chic finds its new form, I have learned to understand
    I have given them roots and wings, and now I can let go and discover my
    piece and peace.

    jewel butterfly final copy

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