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Monthly Archives: January 2010

  • Just thinking...

    As this new year of 2010 unfolds I find myself still in a thoughtful frame of mind.

    I am wanting to be cautious, to make decisions wisely so as to live a life with a peaceful mind and have a positive effect on others.


    Was thinking how grateful I am to have open roads in front of me.


    I have great appreciation that having freedom is a privilege. It comes with hard work, but it also comes with a price. Sometimes freedom comes from detachment. "Up in the Air" movie was a profound example of freedom.

    Pathways and roads of course usually lead to doorways.


    With travel as it is it is getting harder and harder to stay in the mindset of "the journey". But I do try. I so very value how my work and spirit takes me to different places. To me life's best school is travel. I still feel such a novice and I hope to challenge my curiosity this coming year.


    Another movie night watching "Into the Wild," was such a great reminder of life's experiences and opportunities. Don't think I will ever quite live life in the wild, but we all have our little versions of "adventure". Just a road we don't know where it leads to is plenty.

    Amongst all these big thoughts of adventure my mind flutters to more gratitude... that of just being grateful for pink.


    And then from the comfort of pink my mind rests on love. The heartache and joys, but all good. Real life. For at the end, no adventure or color is an experience, without love.

    Love can of course come in many different ways. I think its how we are open to give and receive is what is important.


    And then a table ready for those special people in my life.

    A mixture of linen tablecloths and curtain panels layered, create a lovely stage for vintage glassware and cutlery. Had to squeeze in a bench in place of chairs for a few extra friends.


    And as I end this post.... I am in London.


    I am in London preparing to open a little store in Notting Hill. (Another favourite movie).




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