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Monthly Archives: February 2010

  • SLEEPING (the anchor of our days)

    These past few months I have found myself in lovely comfy hotels and homes, and not so lovely and comfy.

    My lessons over the years have served me well to create a world that incorporates all senses. Encourage drifting into a peaceful sleep, wherever I may be.


    I try to make the beginning and end of my day a secure anchor of what goes on in between. Satisfying the qualities of sight, touch, sense and sound helps create the perfect space to both drift away and return to life.

    And creating a sense of peace and tranquility.


    Thread count is of little interest to me. The hand of crisp, freshly laundered and crinkled sheets are my prerequisites for luxury and comfort. (I have many a time arrived at a less than lovely home or hotel with my private stash of bed linens.



    While the saying goes "our eyes are the windows to our souls" I also do believe we feed our souls through our eyes and other senses. While design is subjective whatever causes the "ahhh" in us is what is beauty.


    Beauty for a guest bed never needs to be compromised.


    Nothing compares the natural fragrances and freshness of the outside.
    I am always making the inside, outside wherever possible.


    The touch of the ocean breeze.
    The seeing of the oceans foreverness.
    The sound of the surf.
    The sense of the ocean air and fresh everything.


    Peace is my life's biggest challenge. So much noise everywhere
    And sleep and noise don't share space well.
    The Pachabel suite SOFTLY played is my put to sleep music when the outside won't stay outside.


    Much of what is here is from my Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic world or Simply Shabby Chic at Target.

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  • Big Bummer to Yummy

    It is exactly one year ago that the world of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic crumbled, for a while. You have all followed the journey and been part of our new beginnings.

    Our Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture stores are open in New York and Los Angeles. Simply Shabby Chic treasures continues to be sold at Target.


    And now, my dream of bringing a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture store to my home country, was realized last week. The final few days to get the doors open were filled with the usual challenges, from trains being cancelled and London pickpockets to say the least.


    We have a wonderful upholsterer who has painstakingly worked through all our high standards and aesthetics so the brand has the same qualities as it does in our U.S. store.


    Other than upholstery most of our other inventory has been shipped from America to London. We endured quite a few delays due to record snow falls in England.

    However, what I think is going to be wonderful is the unique treasures that I can bring from my English explorations to Los Angleles and New York and the treasures I can bring from the U.S. to London. There are still things that are unique to different countries.

    Art is still a lovely way to bring true cultural uniqueness into decor.
    Portraits, landscapes and flowers are typical subjects for artists and bring such lovely diversity from location to location.



    I stumbled across a box filled with sketch books at a local London Fleamarket. It was so cold my fingers were frozen and I fear I didn't get all there was. So I will go back in next month and see what I missed. These sketchbooks are true treasures. Someone elses passion to practice their art. As cold as I was, I was captivated with the studies.


    As lovely as these treasures are, all goes wasted without the right lighting. This isn't as easy to send country to country due to wiring. We found a wonderful patient electrician who sorted out our "mixed wires."


    This week I will take lots of lovely photos of the complete store, but just a few little moments of texture and invitingness for our english guests to enjoy.


    My eyes have been fed well this week. So much inspiration to bring to projects not yet designed. I am learning more and more that it is our down time as artists that allow us to create magic when we create.

    These times of creative inspiration for me feed my eyes and soul and fill me up to start again...



    (Ladelle my thoughts are with you)

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