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Monthly Archives: May 2010

  • Pure Beauty

    It all started with this one pot about 18 months ago.


    My latest book Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Interiors is about the insides of my own and other homes. At the time of doing the photos of "MY HOUSE FOR ALL REASONS" I had little to no garden. And in fact made mention on pg. 81 to learning the meaning of patience through nature. "I have learned the pace of nature, her secret is patience. Knowing one day my roses will grow, shrubs will bloom, and flowers petals will fall on the sun drenched gravel".


    Once all the yucky work was completed on my renovation of my house I was given the "all clear" to start planting. Somehow a rose bush thief crossed my path and twice three bushes from the front row were dug up and stolen. It saddened me greatly that these bushes were kidnapped from there new home.


    My Lavender did attract many many bees, but actually they were always too preoccupied with the Lavender to bother with ankles.

    I was told that lavender was placed to line pathways so the aroma would be swept up amongst the petticoats of ladies.


    I am always soo proud when I see people stop and look in wonderment of my organized chaos of my garden. Another great lesson that nature brings us. So long as each root has its place, and is nourished, it will find its place in this world. However chaotically its journey may be.


    I always had quite a vision of wanting a lavender and floral path from my back door to my back gate. I had to make for a wonky path as it wasn't a straight line. But wonky is Shabby's sister.


    I have learnt to tippy toe in my high heals and keep the gravel out of my sandles. Gravel really settles well under my cowboy boots.


    I had recently come home from some travels and had opened my top window before I went out to my back garden. So when the flowers popped through my window I was quite giggly.


    Building a barn out back of my house, satisfies my fantasy of living in the countryside.


    This is the most manicured part of the yard. But its like a zen moment.

    Much needed with all else going on.


    My wonky pathway leads me to my back gate.
    Not often in life do we get to lay our own path.


    It is truly not possible to not smile and have a skip in my step as I walk past this pure beauty on my way out the back gate.

    I don't pride myself with having a green thumb.

    I had a wonderful landscape gardener, Yanetty Designs in California who listened carefully to my vision and with her knowledge and patience she created the magic.

    My job now is to talk to my flowers, smile, stop and smell the roses and be soooo thankful.

    Just wanted to share this week.

    Will be leaving my lovely garden for London....

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