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Monthly Archives: June 2010

  • A little bit of Bling.......

    Just last week we had our London Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture store party.

    The little shop in Notting Hill was packed from corner to corner and overflowed into the street.


    The first stop was the local Pound Store on Portobello Road.



    I find pulling together special events from bargain shops and fleamarkets so rewarding. Often I don't know what I'm going to find, so I go with an open mind until I find bits and bobs that I feel will pull together and make a story. All I knew with this event was I wanted as much Bling as I could find.



    I couldn't find an affordable cupcake stand with the bling I wanted so decided to make one.



    I find a bit of silver, gold, or jewels goes a long way to create a feeling of special. But this is also where the "less is more " theory comes into play. Even though my designs are always thought to be subtle, time worn and faded, where I can I sneak in some quiet sparkle.



    The words shabby and chic, continue to be the perfect description of how I like to dull down the chic and twinkle up the shabby. Crystals, rhinestones, metallic threads, mercury glass and silver leather are constants in my design ensembles, often hidden in the ruffles or carvings as a little surprise. Las Vegas glamour I will never be, but a touch of tattered elegance captured from some quiet bling is very me.


    This is plenty diamond for me..... I have a hard time getting dressed up fancy, but sparkle and bling is often all that is needed ...........

    For store locations, please visit rachelashwellshabbychiccouture.com

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  • Food For Thought

    Food to eat and a place called home are what comes to mind as necessities of life. But I do believe inspiration is high on the list of a food that we need to feed our souls and help find our passion. And for me, when I am not inspired, nothing else is quite right.

    I have a few of these books now. They are quite cumbersome in weight, but full to the edges with guaranteed fuel when a missing piece of an idea is needed.

    This is my visual journal.
    The lesson I am learning daily in my life is to be "awake" to all layers of happenings.

    To be open to all that my eyes see. To take the time to observe things for what they are, and to let ideas of what they could become, flow....
    I find space of nothingness is needed for inspiration to find its voice. Depending on the day, something can be viewed in a new light. So I do what I can to leave as much "food for thought" in my eye shot.
    There are certain characteristics that are loyal to my aesthetics. Whenever I see them, they catch my eye and I feel for a moment, like home.
    Marie Antoinette's reign in the 1700s in Versailles left volumes of aesthetic inspiration. Sometimes I take little pieces of it and slip them into a funky setting and sometimes I embrace all the sumptous luxuries.

    The manifestation of anything that is created from being inspired, from something of depth and substance, often carries a little extra element of specialness. 
    Whether at a flea market, a museum, a movie or walking down a street.........
    The "right pink" always causes me to do a double take.............
    The end result of this thought is that inspiration is always around. It is just for us to be open for seeing things in different ways..... and life becomes richer all around.

    To see more of what my inspirations produced, please visit rachelashwellshabbychiccouture.com

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