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Monthly Archives: September 2010

  • Not "settling" but when "making do" becomes the right thing.


    My tendency is not to hang too much art on my walls. I am more of a "leaner against the wall" person. I think it's a combination of liking the casual aesthetic of leaning, but also moving around as I do, its easier to pick up and go.

    Seems where I am nesting now has some permanence to me so the other day I got out my hammer and (white) nails and started hanging. When I was done, the placement just didn't feel right.

    So what were my choices.
    1. I could settle and let them be, even though it just wasn't "me."
    2. I could take them down, but then have to deal with the nails and holes in my wall.
    3. I could take them down but cover up the holes with something more "me."


    This situation got me thinking metaphorically, when are we settling in life versus when do we "make do" with a situation but tweak it into something special.

    Many of the philosophies of Shabby Chic are about transforming other peoples "deciding not to settle" pieces into "magical make do's."


    The trick is learning when we are settling or when we are just stuck in our pre-conceived ideas on how things should be or how we want them to be, versus taking a different seat at the table and just looking at things differently.

    I'm learning how not to settle in being irritable when things don't go as I had hoped.

    With the world of technology as it is we all become to reliant on machines. The other day my dryer decided it didn't want to dry anymore.


    Funny though how when life forces up to do things differently we can then look back and think "why didn't I think of that before I was forced to."

    When that happens, I make sure I take a moment of gratitude for having received guidance.


    I have a weird hanging light fixture that I have inherited at a beach shack I am staying at for a little. I don't want to settle!!!!! But I don't want to make a big to do about it.



    However, the making do took time to work out.

    The galaxy of stars I landed up using was a silver garland made by Tjord Boonjte. There are different sizes and colors available. Originally I tried ones in pink and white. But they just didn't work. However the garlands arrive in a flat pack and once opened they were impossible to repack. So VOILA #2.


    I discarded the unused paper lanterns on top of a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture cabinet. Even though keeping the white or pink garland on the light space ship would for sure have been "settling', the "make do" is now an art installation in my home. So very beautiful.


    A friend of a friend came over the other day and bought a couple bottles of wine as a gift. Not knowing I'm not a wine drinker. I didn't want to have to "fake drink", so instead I focused on the bottle. What could have been an unappreciated gift became a truly appreciated gift...2 beautiful bottles, with the best labels.

    I didn't settle with my feelings, or honesty but I certainly had a magical "make do" experience.


    Settling, making do......only we can judge. What appears to just not fit to others, doesn't mean that for us, its just perfect. And if not, we have the choice, let it go or change our seat around the table, and maybe with some tweaking and magical bits and bobs, or perspective it becomes imperfectly perfect...

    PS: hope to see you at one of these events...........


    Round Top Flea Market
    At the Junk Gypsy Tent
    By Zapp House
    Warrenton, TX 78961
    Date/Time: September 30th from 11am - 3pm
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    The Remnants of the Past Flea Market
    (entrance fee $7.00)
    The Dana Powers House
    535 Mehlschau Road
    Nipomo, CA 93444
    Date/Time: October 2nd from 1pm - 4pm
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    Robb & Stucky Interiors
    351 S. State Road 434
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
    Date/Time: October 7th from 6pm - 8:30pm
    For further information contact (407)682-3700

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