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Monthly Archives: December 2010

  • Knowing Oneself

    Funny how the close of one year and the beginning of another always prompts reflections of time past, and intentions of time to come. I find this time of year so valuable to ask myself questions about me......make sure I am living a life that brings out the best in me, to benefit myself and others.


    Learning to accept our limitations and imperfections I am understanding is as important as acknowledging our strengths and talents. Knowing what we can accept of ourselves as well as what we need to work on.


    One of the gifts of getting older is honing our awareness of ourselves. While I have always been driven by my soul and passion, I have to take care to keep balanced, otherwise it all for nothing.


    I love the sound of a ticking clock. To me it is a profound reminder of time, of which I am happy to be reminded.


    We can design our gardens, choose our flowers, palette and placement. We can encourage and try to guide, but in the end nature will take its own time, and find the path that is best, and usually, it seems creates more beauty than we ever imagined. Often when I get in a tizzy, time in the garden, observing the architecture of all that goes on, calms me and reminds me, that things work out.

    I find when I race through life too quickly. I don't even get to keep the memories. I have such awareness and appreciation for all that I have, so shame on me if I miss my own life.


    I loved this thought and it inspired me to take time with everything I do so the memories are locked in my mind forever.

    Another lesson in my maturing is knowing when to fight for something, and when to let go. When something flows, and when something just isn't meant to be. And to trust that.


    For me, when I hit dead ends, I have learned to reach into my inspiration bucket, and see what speaks to me.


    My "village" and I are all so excited at the projects that we are just embarking upon.....


    And then my big little dream is finding its space in the world, when I wasn't really even looking.


    The Ranch by Rachel Ashwell in Texas.

    I have much to gratefully reflect on, so that I can make the right decisions as I venture down these paths. I am hoping all my lessons up till now will culminate in creating something magical and special for us all.......I will of course share each step as they evolve......


    And lastly I want to thank each and every one of you who take the time to write your comments. Your words inspire me and fuels the cycle of rachelashwellshabbychiccouture. I wish you all your dreams for 2011.

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  • Heartfelt Couture Christmas

    For those who have followed my blog, my Peter Pan and Wendy view from my window in London became a winter wonderland this week.


    I have been in London for a few weeks. Visiting dad, friends and of course the little treasured Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture store.


    My design team and I are committed to staying true to our aesthetics, and not tread into red and green.Pale pink, white, silver sparkle make for Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture holiday decorations.



    This holiday season we decided to make as many holiday decorations as possible. Once again hoping to create future heirlooms.




    While these elements may not be the first thought for Christmas, Christmas to me is about beautiful little moments, that shine a light on celebrations of love, family gatherings and that extra special fanciness.

    My aesthetics fully embraces Marie Antoinette in Texas!!!!!! This means decadence gone primitive.


    To me these are the very very best Christmas stars.........forever lasting. I love it when it just works to mix the frills with the basics.


    While in London I was introduced, via Itunes to the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. I found each episode so entertaining and informational. And sooooo funny. And while she is a third of my size, I identified with many aspects of her career. Loved her phrase of "this is major", "I am obsessed," "I could die" right now. I confess to having borrowed some of her phrases when seeing the magic evolve of this years Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Christmas.


    So green and red are easy to omit from my holiday festivities........but a bit of bling is always needed. Actually 365 days a year.


    Living in California for 30 years, there have been times I have yearned for the seasons. Somehow blue skies and palm trees don't feel right in December.


    Well this week I got my wish, as Europe is covered in a blanket of snow. So very beautiful. Picture book actually. I reveled in the joy of preparing the store with heartfelt treasures, and popped out for 5 minutes for a cup of hot chocolate


    Purchase these and other beautiful decorations for the holidays at Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture Stores. Happy Holidays.

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