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Monthly Archives: January 2011

  • The Dream In The Making. (update)




    Having the best time gathering treasures to furnish The Prairie.
    (Changed over from The Ranch)



    The village is hard at work. Lead by Jaimee and Danny!!!!!!!!!!!!. Will keep you updated as the dream unfolds. Hope to see y'all there one day.


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  • Genuine Luster

    Proof that I do read blog comments.........

    One titled Genuine Luster asked me to do a blog on my personal style. Well this brought a major smile to my face as while I know I am very particular about what jeans, what boots, what top I do wear, they are all pretty much the same, so the fact anyone is interested, made my day......

    So due to my lack of diversity, this will be brief.


    99% of the time, shabby or chic, I always feel my best in my uniform. I loved the explanation from Rachel Zoe that it's important we get out of our comfort zone. Haven't succeeded in that yet. I have my fat jeans and thin jeans and somewhere in the middle. (that's where I am now).

    I hated the high waisted skinny jeans and ballet flats phase.....just didn't work for me, not at all. I am most excited that I hear bell bottoms are coming back. Especially in jeans, helps make top of legs look skinny and long.....hooraayy


    For me when I choose a top, I am very careful that the sleeve cuts in just the right place. A cap sleeve is death for me. A shirt that is too bulky with big frills just makes me look big.



    I really have a hard time dressing up. I like to dress age appropriate, but not dowdy. Often when I go shopping I come back empty handed as mirrors and changing rooms become very depressing. I have found my best treasures to compliment my jeans are vintage. They don't particularly look vintage, just special.


    One thing to note, in all the above photos, I wear the same belt, every single day of the year. I have a fairly edited closet. The less to choose is the least decisions to make. I have great association with the few pieces I consider my staples, and in some cases a choice of one is plenty.


    For sure I am a much better editor at a flea market than a clothing store, so this is as much attention span that I have for this subject....... thank you for the
    writer of Genuine Luster.....



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  • Eye Candy

    I certainly got my share of seasonal weather this year, between snow in London and endless rain in Los Angeles.However, somewhere amongst all the weather a few beautiful Malibu days of sunshine snuck in. So timely for a shoot for an upcoming publication.


    I always try and design product that is flexible in its use. when weather permits, love bringing indoor furniture outside.



    Staying true to my aesthetic is something very important to me. To do so I have to gain my inspiration from quietly observing life. I was in London for the announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I was most moved and impressed by their maturity and careful consideration for the role models that they are........inspiration for all on many levels.


    Designing furniture and bedding as I have for so many years, it is always important for me to bring in new and fresh ideas, but preserve the core values of beauty, comfort and function. While the world goes whizzing by, and newness comes and goes, I will always protect the world that we all seem to feel safe and comfy in.


    Funny how sometimes the simplest things in the world can be the most complicated to develop. These were one of those tricky things. But so worth it.

    Another simple special new treasure.


    As I mentioned in my last blog, I am going to try and try and try, and take moments here and there, to stop and smell the roses. or gazing out at the ocean too.........


    To see these and other treasures, please come into any of our stores or go to www.rachelashwellshabbychiccouture.com

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