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Monthly Archives: February 2011

  • Through Lu's Eyes

    Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder.

    However, it seems to me over the years a Shabby Chic sisterhood (some brothers too) have evolved, and I think we all have a similar point of view of what beauty is to us aesthetically and emotionally.


    A few years back Lu of "Dusty Lu" blog, found her way into my world. Every now and again she pops into a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Coutureā„¢ store to snap photos of new products, sometimes she will come along to a shoot, sometimes she just wants to get an infusion of beauty.

    From time to time she will send me a collection of photos, "Beauty thru Lu's eyes."


    This batch of photos were taken with the thought of having product shots for our website and editorials. But I loved that Lu had free reign to pick what she loved and shoot the photos just for beauty sake.



    Love that left to her own discoveries,Lu shot these, aesthetically and emotionally bling, fru fru and faith, make the world go round.


    What would beauty be without embracing imperfections. Beautifully patched and restored fabrics or scraps given a new lease of life are main fundamentals of the character and values of what I love in my design world.


    I love candid shots more than posey ones. In my younger years they were easier to come by, now one has to step around the flaws..... Lu captured me deep in thought here.

    These photos were from my latest book shoot.

    Lu had an uncanny way of grabbing shots without barely being seen. Love behind the scene moments.


    Lu thank you for loving all we do, we love all you do, and so grateful.

    To see the inspirations behind all the photos, please visit us at www.rachelashwellshabbychiccouture.com or come into any of our three stores.

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