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Monthly Archives: June 2011

  • Life's Inspirations

    Life has often been my inspiration for my creativity.


    Being a designer of a brand I have evolved but remained consistent with signature qualities and characteristics. But I do pride myself with being an authentic designer, not one who pulls ideas from trends and forecasts. Sometimes I take a creative license and bring into my world ideas that may step out of what is expected. But ultimately there is a common thread of beauty, comfort, and function.


    I have created a signature for myself, of pastel colors, soft vintage fabrics and crackly paints. In recent years I have become more open to seeing and blending other aesthetics to perhaps inspire me or to accept "as is". My malibu cottage and my Liliput Lodge (at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell), satisfies two very diverse rhythms of nature.


    I have posted many painting of Laurence Amelie. Her tutus and flowers are such a perfect fit for Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture stores, and I took no risk in clearing wall space for her.


    However, along with Laurence, is her lovely boyfriend Umbaldo. He is an artist in his own right. I see him as the masculine side of Laurence. His work is masculine and abstract. I would understand if not everyone understands where this work sits in my world, but I find peace in the abstract.


    For me as an artist, I think it is most important to just be open to letting life guide us to what we need to create. And in that innocence I think wonderful things come.



    Exciting peek.

    We will be opening a Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture store at The Prairie in September.



    There would have been a day when a dark blue floral print (albeit wonderfully vintagy), would not have made it into my palette, but Texas has opened me up to a whole new world of color........as I have said before.....Marie Antoinette goes to Texas is a perfect vision for the marriage of my aesthetic and that of Texas. It may take awhile to see how to blend it all, as we know, art is not a science, but life, as we see it.


    This is country through and through. But will sit happily in the California sun, a loft in New York or in an old townhouse in London.

    The more I step outside of what I know, the more mistakes I will make. But always it will be true.

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