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Monthly Archives: August 2011

  • Timeless Art & Craft


    Over the years there have been selections of quilts at Simply Shabby Chic at Target and Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture™. However truth be told I have never paid much attention to the culture, history, passion and world of quilting.

    inspiration book

    As always, whenever I am involved in any project my inspiration book is where I gather my thoughts....

    This collection of of quilting fabrics are designed from archives of Shabby Chic fabrics from years gone by.... lovely pink, blue and green florals, stripes and solids...


    While the Shabby Chic palette has had a signature of pastels for 20 years and more, choosing the exact colors is a crucial part of the design process. Paint, yarn or nature contributes to the recipe of the perfect palette.


    Sometime back in the spring was when I was first introduced to the quilting community. I loved the timelessness of the craft. Quilting circles, creativity and conversation. Such a rare hands on socialization in today's society. The quilting world to me stands for old time values, appreciation of detail, patience and pride. I have always been a knitter, which has similar qualities, but I am so happy to have been introduced and welcomed into this new community.


    There are several wonderful collections under the Treasures by Shabby Chic, available at different quilting stores across the country, and actually the world. (view the stores at ShabbyChic.com)


    Cool summer nights or cozy winter days, a quilt applies. And knowing the handy work and care that is stitched into every quilt is pure love.


    I love this collection so much. One day soon my laundry room at my B and B, The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell will have some new additions of these lovely fabrics, stitched into yummy quilts.


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  • Heart, Souls And Pure Genius


    On September 27th I will have my first book signing for my new book, at the opening of our Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture™ store at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell B&B in Round Top, Texas.

    Then in October I will do a little tour around the country and will keep you posted where I will be.

    I am really quite excited to share my stories of how this book came to be. Every house has an important connection to me by way of being extra-ordinarily inspired and or dear dear friends of mine.......

    Three true artisans are featured. All young and lovely and quite brilliant. While being fresh in their approach to product and design, their values and lifestyles are frozen in time from the last century.


    Their home gives new meaning to the word "living". Story telling is a bi-product of their authentic, romantic and soulful aesthetic.


    I so enjoyed being invited into this world of timelessness. I photographed these artisans in the depth of the winter in London. Hot soups, hot chocolate and little burning fires played into the timeless days. Story telling, whimsy and pure creativity got us through the inevitable logistical challenges.


    Emma is a scrap goddess. Everything that passes through her hands is held close to her heart and adorned with some sacred embellishments.


    And then there was Huw. The Shabby Man. You will meet him in my new book.

    Where is his clone?


    Huw has dusty chandeliers with pink drops, sheets will teeny rose buds and many moments of prettiness, but in his world, its just beauty with no gender.


    The patina in huw's little London house is mellow and warm. Modest, simple and so cozy and appreciated.


    Huws decorating is very understated, nothing contrived. His editing of what comes into his home is natural and sooooo, just sooooooo.

    I am excited to share these homes with you and many more.

    You can pre-order a signed copy of my new book at www.rachelashwellshabbychiccouture.com and also check out these lovely artisans websites.




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  • Summer Blooms and Forever Florals


    While I appreciate each and every season, summers abundant flowers makes for daily gifts.

    I love gathering vines and wildflowers from my own garden or sometimes local alley ways. Tall branches and trailing stems so easily create beautiful drama.


    In one short month my roses have gone from frail closed buds to new plump petals. In my last blog I asked who had experienced sickly roses, and many thoughts were shared. A combination of suggestions, along with daily words of encouragement from me, have fairly quickly given new life to many of my roses. (thank you to all who gave guidance).


    There are so many simple ways to present floral displays. I'm an instant gratification arts and crafts person. All these ideas are easy little projects that create big statements.



    My feeling is Wisteria should be excused for such short blooming moments. Its as though it needs lots of prep time to create its abundant beauty. Weeping viney branches dropping a carpet of petals is worth the wait and the fleeting explosion of color.


    Just down the road from The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell is the most profoundly peaceful and happy graveyard.


    While fresh flowers are I believe one of gods greatest gifts. Their beauty and fragrance is magic at its best. And the endless interpretations are forever for us to enjoy.


    I always dreamed of having a little floral named girl.....and my daughter Lily was that dream come true.....

    Faith is like a lily, lifted high and white, PERFECT!!!!!!!!

    And then the latest added inspiration in the world of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture™ is a faded little big chair.


    Floral inspiration fuel forever florals.

    Follow my journeys and inspirations on twitter.

    Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture™ online store NOW OPEN.

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