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Monthly Archives: September 2011

  • Pastel And Purple Favourites

    The following photos are some of my all time favorites. You may have seen them on prior blogs or on my recent tweets or facebook posts. Some are whimsical, some inspirational. To me some are metaphoric and some just plain pretty.


    While just beautiful, this also represents to me that the unexpected in life can be the best wows of life. It reminds me to think outside the box in all I do.


    Sometimes I find my best creativity just flows naturally. Without too much thought. Just letting pretty things find pretty things, creating beauty.

    pink roses

    My fleamarket travels gives me a wonderful resource to searching and finding treasures.
    I particularly love finding theatrical props. For their scale, handmadeness and window to fantasy......


    Ballet shoes are timeless beauties. I have always loved their qualities and patina. Silk and pink. I had many hours of joy sewing in the ribbons for my daughters shoes, all the while giving me inspiration for details that I have emulated in my own design work. So often I have matched the color of ballet shoes in my fabrics.


    A pink fantasy. A perfect vehicle to imagine the "if's and maybes" of life.

    Sometimes I come across a place or a thing, that simply leaves me in awe. Wondering "how and what" and just humbled by the found beauty.


    Every time I look at this amazing house in London, I see something different. Sometimes I see a faded elegance of days gone by. Imagining what life was lived during its stages of decay. Sometime I simply see the multi layers of pink and red. I have also sat on the pavement outside this house, and just stared and stared.


    This purple carpet is the perfect metaphor that life is about the journey. In this case a wisteria journey.


    And then sometimes life is about the destination. Where the journey is less significant.

    Please forgive me if these photos are not new to you. But I wanted to see all my faves in one place.

    Over the next few weeks I will be traveling for my book tour so will bring some new adventures and new wows to share.

    Please click here to see my book tour schedule.

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  • Inspiration And Beauty


    On Tuesday night, September 27th from 6pm to 9pm we are having a celebration of our new Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture™ Store at The Prairie By Rachel Ashwell B&B in Round Top Texas. Would love to see as many of you who are in the neighbourhood.


    I always dreamed of having a little hotel someday, but somehow having a little shop on the property makes this all so real.


    My mantra of beauty, comfort and function continues with these Prairie inspired accessories. And our hottest cake at the moment is our subtle little faded blue horse shoe Prairie T shirt


    My 7th book is also part of our celebration for which I will be signing them right away before I begin my book tour across this great country travelling to NY, LA, SF and over to London.
    (Please see events posted on Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture website)


    Over the past 20 years my books have been my vehicle to present my creativity and aesthetics. I have photographed numerous light and airy rooms of a pastel palette. Lots of pink and white creating romance and my feminine flair.


    In my latest book I have included some homes that are outside my expected aesthetic, but still they have a common thread of my values of my design and lifestyle. And in doing so, their aesthetic and values resonate with me too. So on first glance, if my palette seems to have shifted, I hope you too can be inspired to see the beauty with a fresh set of eyes, into the soul of these homes.

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  • Home And Play On The Range


    Busy busy time these past few weeks but getting good at finding moments to refuel. There is an element of The Prairie where time stands still. And somehow in that stillness it is easy to be productive.


    I find when I visit places that have history, quietly tucked away, that I feel safe. I think its knowing life has trodden paths before me.


    500,000 miles on the clock. maybe out of warranty but what stories it could tell.


    One of these days it will get repaired, but until then its a good leaner.

    Without even trying I seem to be starting my own little flea market........after years of being the seeker, treasures are now coming to me. How novel.


    So special that I have a place in the world where I can work, play, and be quiet with friends, family and just people passing through.



    And all the little details made it here too.


    Even with such a balanced life sometimes bad dreams slip in.....and then .........


    On top of all else we pulled of a photo shoot so we can share some photos of all that goes on......including a wedding!!!!!


    And then finally I found a home for my precious arch I lugged back from London.



    Please click on my book on the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture™ website for events and book signings that I will be attending.

    Opening of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture Store™ and book signing at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell B & B.

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