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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • HOME

    Such a teeny little four letter word that has such significance.


    My life choices have had me moving Home many times, and the past few years I have spent little time in my HOME. It is just in the past few weeks, that some of my long term commitments have been completed so HOME is where I am.


    I would be lying to say that even though I have a beautiful nest, when I stop it takes a little time for me to reconnect with being still. My garden is the place I can do that the most. Early in the morning, to observe what cycles of life have lived and died in my absence.

    Home for me has always been full of creativity. During the times when my children were young and continuing to this day, creative projects are always midstream somewhere.


    It is known that my home is the house to come and do projects.



    You have seen many posts about Laurence and Ubaldo's pilgrimages to my Barn a couple of times a year. Having beautiful paintings at the end of their trip is a wonderful manifestation of the real treat, to be part of their process of creating.



    Funny that I ended up making sunny L.A. my home, as my inner wiring is a better fit for a location with seasons. Natures rhythm is a good pace for me. But I have this glorious fireplace that takes me off into the fantasy of an old welsh cottage, without having to go anywhere.


    My bedroom sanctuary is another magical moment.


    last week I hosted a party for www.cocodot.com In my time of recharge there are few people I would surrender my space to, my dear friend
    Amy Neunsinger is one I would and did. And she threw a spectacular party. Where I could just float, and enjoy the beauty she created, with Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture beauties.



    And then when its time for me to go on the road again......I will go to the home that has a piece of my heart.


    I do hope wherever and whatever home is to you all, it is a place of peace. As I have learnt that I can travel the world many times, and its the inner peace that makes HOME IN OUR OWN HEARTS.

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