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Monthly Archives: December 2011

  • GIRLS BEST FRIEND.........

    Every year I host a holiday dinner at my home for my staff and village..... through thick and thin we have continued this tradition for many years now.


    During the course of the year, days fly by so very quickly. Welcoming people into our homes is a genuine expression of appreciation and warmth. I truly enjoy the opportunity to spend time with my team who day after day, throughout the year are dedicated to their jobs, and always give more than is required. I so appreciate the work ethics and passions of "the village".


    While the holidays are customarily red and green, somehow I manage to navigate my palette and still be part of the tradition. I have been collecting pink Santa's for years. Some are a little worse for wear, but non the less I love them.

    This week I took myself to the downtown Los Angeles Flower Market. I love love to go.


    Buying flowers by the bulk fills my stomach with butterflies. Knowing I have all the stages of beauty ahead of me. From the modest bud, to the flamboyant blossoms, and then the wilting rose. Hmmmmmm


    I so enjoyed making little floral moments for the party.


    Spray painting branches and leaves are such a lovely way to bring bling to a celebration..... and then adding a moodier palette by way of violet anemones creates the tapestry of my aesthetics.

    As I am playing with my best friends (flowers) for my party display, I ponder on all the different ways flowers can be applied and enjoyed... WHO NEEDS DIAMONDS?


    And to end the evening I bought a little rose plant, for all to take home.....and hopefully blossom and grow in the way we will as a village.


    I so appreciated having the opportunity to have such a team in my life, truly, because it does take a village.


    Happy holidays to you all.....may you all have a very pink and flowery season. And thank you to all who find the time to pop by and read my rambling thoughts.

    Love, Rachel

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  • A Beautiful Artist

    April 2009 was a really wonky time for me.

    On a particularly dark day, Lisa Dirkes sent me a copy of a lovely book she had illustrated. She wrote an inscription for me that were the exact words I needed to read, at that time.


    Anyone who has followed my blog over the years will be familiar with the works of art of Lisa Dirkes. Many times I have shown her work, sometimes for the purpose of its
    beauty, and sometimes because her message has a profound and relevant message.

    Just last week, Lisa so very sadly and way too young passed away. I am wanting to share a few of my favorite pieces.






    Lisa's path crossed my world when she initially worked at my Newport Beach CA Store. Life was not always kind to her, but she had a most wonderful spirit.

    She was also a very important player during the opening of The Prairie By Rachel Ashwell. She kept our village fed while all hands were on deck to open.







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