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Monthly Archives: February 2012


    Valentine's Day and Easter promotes my favorite ever palette, not that I need an excuse. We can always justify why pink works.......


    Pink has been referred to as the colour of love. It evokes romance, calmness, nostalgia for innocence and just simply pretty.


    I wore this little pink blouse to shreds, (and still it hangs in my wardrobe). I wore this to shoot the cover of my Rachel Ashwell Interiors book and then to nearly every book signing event that followed.

    The shade is a perfect bluey pink and the the silk draped just right. And each time I put it on it was like my "cloak of comfort."


    Whether as a gift to ourselves or received from another, Pink roses are never a disappointment. (once a date bought me an orange Bird of Paradise, who knows what could have happened if he"d just chosen pink roses)


    Whether threadbare from a fleamarket, or beautifully restored, there is never a better place to feel like a loved princess than on a pink chair.


    And if the chair just isn't so pretty, a simple pink slipcover can make a dramatic transformation.


    Washing pink lace and silk by hand in a pink bowl is meditation and therapy all in one.......just priceless.


    This should be an inspirational peace sign.....dreamlike and just a big AHHHHHHHHHHHH.


    The accent of pink amongst flowers brings such joy and eye candy.


    I love the array of colours that fall under pink, from magenta to faded red, to blush, to ballet slippers (just don't like salmon and coral.)

    I love how this house shows a little but of it all.......

    And then don't forget, our most compatible day of the Year......Valentine's Day, where Everything Pink can be accepted by all......


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