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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • Blessing In Disguise

    This past week I have been feeling under the weather.  Not so sick that I wanted to do nothing, but not well enough to do a whole lot.

    Funny how I'd been meaning to take some days to putter around my house...and now I had the permission.

    Blog Image #1 - sick bed

    Feeling under the weather in shabby chic bedding is not such a bad thing...

    Blog Image #2 - chandelier

    Not wanting bright lights, but having a chandelier twinkling above is pretty soothing.

    I didn't want to go far, but outside my bedroom is my Shabby Swing Bed...

    Blog Image #3 - Close To Heaven

    I spent quite a few gentle hours, in-between awake and asleep, gently swaying...pretty special.  Worth being sick.  I promised myself I wouldn't just wait to be sick to revisit my luxury bedding.

    Blog Image #4 - room with a view

    Roses starting to bloom...little piece of heaven.

    Here and there I popped downstairs to watch a couple of movies...

    Blog Image #5 - downstairs living room

    Blog Image #6 - MRSPotter and out of africa

    For those who came to my seminar at The Prairie By Rachel Ashwell, you would remember us all watching these two movies altogether over hot chocolate (might be time to have another seminar)…these movies never grow old to me. I love the passion and uncompromising determination of the characters to keep their vision and stories complete.  Their love of romance, nature and discipline to use their time meaningfully so to create worlds of substance.

    Blog Image #7 - photo 44

    Right outside my back door I am greeted with friendly beauty...

    Blog Image #8 - refueling bucket of inspiration

    These are my four go to books. Some are beautifully dogeared, high-lighted or duplicated.   This past week I visited with these old friends.  You may enjoy getting to know them.  They inspire me visually and spiritually.

    Every time I re-read and re-look, I am refueled with new thoughts.

    Wabi-Sabi...is a Japanese aesthetic, on the one hand very different to Shabby Chic, but it's core values are very similar.  The beauty of imperfection, the beauty of things unconventional.  The beauty of things humble and modest.  These are all values I think about often in my design work, this little book inspires me in a gentle way.

    Put Your Heart Into It (Starbucks)...even though I've never had a cup of coffee, something spoke to me when I saw this book back in the 80's.  As ginormous as Starbucks is, I found some of the same challenges, solutions, and values inspiring early on in the building of Shabby Chic.  While many roads have been trodden for Shabby & Starbucks then, there are valuable lessons that I continue to learn every time I refer back to this book.

    Caribbean Style...I have bought this book several times, my current one is dogeared and covered with post-its.  I have referenced many architectural ideas for floors, balconies, doorways. As well as mixing darker woods with islandy-gauzey fabric.  Each time I refer back to it, my idea bucket is refreshed.

    Tim Walker...the greatest inspiration of them all.  I love his mix of theater with throwaway beauty.  Authentic and dramatic.  The ideas are timeless and so detailed, just "borrowing" one element of a photo is plenty rich.  Rich rich rich in ideas.

    It's been a blessing in disguise that I have been under the weather.  Couldn't have been in a better place...

    Blog Image #9 - god bless our home

    Been a great week, appreciating everything right on my doorstep...

    Back to bed...Blackberry in hand must be feeling better.

    Blog Image #10 - me blackberry




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  • Mama Day

    Blog Image #1 - jake, lily & me

    The love I had for my Mama and the love I have for being a Mama is the best love of all.       Pure and unconditional.

    Blog Image #2 - Happy Mother's Day

    While many commercial days of celebrations have become a little far fetched, I love the special observation of mother's day.

    Not sure why the US and UK observe on different days, my Mum and I were always confused by that. Now that my son has moved to London the legacy of confusion of this day  may well continue…….

    Blog Image #3 - Family

    Would love to have one more cup of tea with Mama, but we did that well, so i have 1000s of memories.

    Blog Image #4 - Flowery Frock & Sewing

    My Mama was for sure my biggest inspiration and led the way for my appreciation of hand made pretty things.

    Blog Image #5 - Purity

    I have never found a love to be as pure and spiritual as a mother's love. While mums can drive us all crazy, they are also our safe haven, no matter what.

    Blog Image #6 - Biggest Joy

    Laughter, tears, lesson and pride. With total gratitude for these two gifts.

    Blog Image #7 - Perfect Poem

    Someone else wrote this poem, better than I ever could…perfect words.

    Blog Image #8 - For All Mamas

    May all us lucky mamas, enjoy our day, and celebrate with gratitude whether or not with our children or our mamas, lucky US.

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