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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Long Nights, Pretty Lights

    While I have chosen to live in sunny California for 35 years my body, soul, mind and creativity function better with the rhythm of all 4 seasons.

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    I try to spend a few weeks in London or NY during the deepest days of winter as I find the grey cloak of winter time and the shorter days inspire me greatly. Here I go deep inside myself, I reach a quieter still place, and can then redirect my gatherings of colour and ideas from the outward seasons and bright light.

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    I find the world quieter in the winter months. For me without the darker days, some of my creativity stays on a more superficial level.

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    Nothing gives me more joy then a grey day to go inward and create my own light from the months of brightness. At home I dim the chandeliers to a twinkle and light softly scented candles. I find this warmth nurturing and inviting as I retreat within.

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    Nestled amidst these pretty lights I contemplate the shadows, curious as to what they will reveal. This custom now seems an essential part of my creative process and with my forthcoming trip to London this Christmas I hope to have lots of revelations to share.

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