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Monthly Archives: March 2015

  • Target: My Simply Shabby Chic™ Easter Basket


    Easter is one of my favorite holidays due to my love of chocolate and the pastel palette. Recently, I went to my local Target store to create my quintessential Simply Shabby Chic™ Easter Basket.  I was spoiled for choice, so much inspiration.

    My process for shopping is the same as when I go to the flea market...I do one quick round of all the isles to get an overview of options and ideas. On my second and third round, I hone in and little by little my vision comes together.


    Here is a step by step to creating my Simply Shabby Chic™ Easter Basket. All elements were found at my local Target store (except for a few little vintage accents):


     All in all, when the basket was complete I was super pleased. It was affordable and except for the chocolates, everything would have a pretty life well after easter...and it was really quite lovely.


    For a chance to win my Easter Basket, click here: http://woobox.com/ee9w3b

    (Email address required to enter, winner selected at random.  Contest ends Sunday evening, March 29th 2015. Please note, winning basket will have a couple of adjustments-- Personal vintage items excluded. )

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  • My Famous Roast Potatoes

    Even though I cooked most nights when my children were growing up, my cooking skills were/are pretty limited.  I think they would tell you shepherd's pie, spaghetti bolognaise and chicken salad wrap (often followed by apple pie) was their steady diet.

    My go-to meal for guests at the house is an english roast dinner and my simple roast potatoes are always well received.  As I am often asked for my recipe, I thought it might be fun to share with you.

    All you will need is 1 potato per person, olive oil + flour

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  • The Journey of Somerset...

    Meet Jesenia Ram, a key member as Head Designer of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture.


    Our design team recently rediscovered our Somerset print, a longtime Shabby classic-- originally launching 7+ years ago in a red colorway. We felt inspired to launch a dreamy blue variation, just released in our shops and online.

    Jesenia and I sat down to have a chat about the initial inspiration for the print.

    RA: How would you describe our design process?

    JR: Every design starts in a different way - a dream, a film, a feeling, a color, a pattern or a place--endless possibilities. When it comes to prints, more often than not, I start with a color story. There’s something so important about color as it’s the first thing you notice about anything. This collection in particular started with inspiration from a vintage blue floral wallpaper Rachel shared with me. She’s always an integral part of the process – collaborative and hands on.

    However you decide to start the design process, you have to find a way to make it grow. Finding and creating the perfect pattern is usually my next step. From there, I like to think of the person, the place – where does this belong? Find the story within and release the vibe. A mood board is essential at this point. Pinning pictures, design drawings, fabric, tat – anything goes. Not only does this help organize your thoughts, but It’s how the story comes together and is brought to life. It’s how you can share your vision before it’s a reality. I love incorporating a person, a scene or a place, a photo for mood or vibe that doesn’t really show anything, but just gives you a feeling. Building the who, what, where and wrapping you up in a moment.
    All I know is in the end if I want to be that girl and go to that place and live in that bed and I find myself envying the world that was created, then I’ve done good.


    Images from our Somerset Blue mood board:


    RA: We wanted the collection to feel fresh and crisp, inspired by images of breezy summer mornings and the colors of the Greek islands. Think Mama Mia (one of my favorite aesthetic references for cool beachy vibes) meets English garden...

    blue 2

    Initial artwork from our design team:

    somerset florals

    RA: After much back and forth, we finally landed on two new color variations-- one with a clean white background and another pale-blue overdyed version.  I'm loving the final product of this concept, we hope you will you too.

    Sommerset Blue Bedding

    The white background will be an online exclusive and the blue overdyed version will be available both online and at our Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture shops.

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