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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • Holiday 2015

    Post 1

    One of the challenges of being a designer is having to be ahead of the calendar, designing winter in the summer and summer in the winter.  Many brands follow trends so to be “in fashion” when the season roles around.

    However in my shabby world, I remain true to my palette, regardless of what is going on in the rest of the world, and for Christmas and the holidays, that translates to pink, white & pale blue.

    Post 2

    Over the years we have become a destination for a faded red Christmas…meaning pink...

    Winter is my most favorite season, largely for the excuse of cozy blankets and soft mushy pillows. Our pastel velvet throws and creamy luxury (fake) fur pillows ( & throws), are lovely staples to start the holiday season, but the palette & yummy touch allows them to flow nearly year round.

    Post 3

    Months in advance myself and my design team clear our decks for santas workshop to begin ideas and make magic

    Post 4

    As a designer, Inspiration comes from a multitude of sources, sometimes specific and sometimes only small elements are used.

    A favorite pink and white clown costume of mine was the inspiration for one of our tree decorations.

    Post 5

    Ballet , dance, theatre has been a common thread for much of Shabby Chic story telling. A couple of years ago one of my key designers came up the idea of a miniature prom dress Christmas decoration. It has now become a signature piece for Shabby, using scraps from reworked vintage prom dresses.

    Post 6

    In my forever to keep drawer, I have a tattered paper advent calendar, so I was hugely inspired when somewhere on my travels I came across a handmade (forever to keep) advent calendar.  A family member of our shabby family painstakingly makes each and every 26 treasures that are placed in the wall hanging.  A pure labor of love and future heirloom.  A true beauty.

    Post 7

    I search high and low at the trade gift shows for treasures for my stores, as it would be impossible for me to make every product category I want to carry.  But still, I only buy magical moments.  Often this process of searching happens in January, which is the last thing you want to think about with the hoidays just over.

    Staying within my palette, these were my favorite finds this year.

    Post 8

    All year round monogramming is a service Shabby Chic offers. I love the timeless tradition of making something unique and special...  And at holiday time, this is a meaningful way add value to a gift (we offer several fonts and colors… even red!).

    Post 9

    …… till next year.

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