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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Shabby Shower

    I recently hosted a bridal shower in my home for a friend of my daughter, whom I have known forever, Kendra Zamel…  She's a special girl with the most captivating smile, so I was joyous for my home to be a part of her special day.

    It was actually kind of an impromptu event, but my home and my treasures lend themselves well to spontaneous celebrations.  The event was held in my barn and garden

    I'm always happy for an excuse to get out my vintage china.


    place setting

    However, my daughter and her friends really were the "designers and organizers”, I just filled in some of the blanks.  Some party rentals were needed, including some "salmon colored glasses", which typically wouldn't have been part of my kind of pink, which gave cause for some funny banter.

    salomn glases

    Lily enjoyed focusing on signage needs on chalk boards.


    I of course, loved fiddling with flowers

    roses & flowers

    There was a station where the girls could make floral crowns.

    flowers crowns & pool

    My vintage bed served as a lounging photo opportunity

    outside bd

    Truthfully, the combination of the setting, the beautiful girls and the love of their friendships, gave the event a fairytale quality.

    I hope from the bottom of my heart that Kendra’s (soon to be Kendra Wilson), has a beautiful journey ahead of her…

    And the most beautiful wedding…

    wedding tree

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  • Peace And Love

    The beauty of imperfection has been the core of the world of Shabby Chic...  Visually I find imperfections (whether mushy cushions, wrinkles or flakey furniture) to make the world less intimidating and more welcoming.

    And then, much as though the world of shabby chic may be perceived as just pretty things, as a designer it is very important to me that there is a soulful and spiritual basis, as truthfully that is what is in my heart is as I design, along with ruffles and roses.


    As we all try and navigate through some of the more challenging events that happen to us personally or on a global level, especially recently, I believe there is value to feeding our souls, sometimes through soulful beauty, or however that is for us, so we can be the best we can be, the strongest we can be, and make meaningful decisions for the benefit of all.

    prayers 3

    For me, sometimes I find the simple focus of gratitude and thankfulness a meaningful part of my life.


    Life can be painful, but I have learnt to understand the deeper the wounds, the deeper the scars and so the deeper the love.  And in this imperfect world, we experience it all.  Colors fade and threads become bare but there is a richness in this tapestry of life.

    faded colours and bare thread

    We make our contributions quietly in our own time, as we all do what we can to live a life of love and peace.


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  • A Proper Vacation

    For sure I have a very blessed life... Ever since I moved from London to Los Angeles (in 1979), surrounded by palm trees and the ocean,  I have always felt I live a vacation...

    Occasionally it rains in California (I wish it were more), but truly the climate is pretty perfect.

    calif rain

    But a few weeks ago, it was my daughters birthday and the idea of a "proper" vacation was suggested.  Initially I resisted, for my same old reasons, I travel so much, we live near the beach etc etc...

    But in the end, i thought why not?  We decided upon Jashita Hotel in Tulum, a few friends and a five hour flight later... We arrived.

    With my few bits and bobs on hand i was ready to see what a true vacation would feel like...

    bits and bob


    Every day in my world i have so many decisions to make, some enjoyable, some stressful, but what I had forgotten, was what a treat it would be to not have to make ANY... except whether to swim, snorkle or go to the spa.  There was a nice balance of calm and spiritual peace.


    It took my soul a little time to unwind.  While I think of myself as a peaceful person, and certainly the world of shabby chic is nurturing and calming, it is still a business and there is a lot that goes into keeping it all going.

    marketing post

    Being an artist my creativity never shuts down, I'm always connected and thinking, but that's just a seamless expression. I found the perfect moment for a shabby tote and a shabby cover-up/nightie.


    HAMMOCK LIFE_sized

    I found my favorite spot, a simple hammock and a couple of trees...  a rested mind and I learned the value of a true vacation.

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