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  • Special Santa

    I have always been attracted to the wonky and comeback story's... 

    There can be a million reasons for the what and whys of the circumstance, but we all know life has it’s knocks, and it is how we navigate thru the Knocks that sets the tone for new chapters. Often, it’s with a better understanding and appreciation of the strength and fragility. Many of you know I was exposed to a metaphor of this process by observing my mamas process of restoring broken and battered antique dolls, often discarded by others. But In her hands, and with her vision, she was able to restore them. Still with the evidence of the knocks and bumps.  Always using scraps of hand dyed vintage fabrics and laces to make their clothes, all stitched by a needle and thread, making them all the more special.

    doll sliver

    We recently had a similar experience with our beloved Simply Shabby Chic Pink Santa, sold exclusively at Target (now sold out).  

    Somewhere in the shipping process one Santa was returned with a broken boot. On first thought he was placed on the discarded pile, which of course when found by me, I saw nothing but strength and beauty for having probably survived a big box being thrown on him, and so, the process of repairing his foot became a focus. After a few attempts from a peg leg to a floral sock, we landed on a wooden leg with a shabby scrap of fabric to celebrate his repair. And to me now, he is the most special of them all.

    Blog Broken Santa_1

    The beauty of imperfection continues as he stands solidly with humility, pride and glory.

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  • Pink, White And Silver Twinkles

    Pink Christmas Tree Small_1

    For as long as I remember, shades of pink, white and twinkly silver have been my palette for the holidays.


    Over the years I have been able to gather quite a collection of holiday vintage treasures from the flea markets but its been quite hard to avoid the more traditional colours of green and red in stores.

    vintage xams

    So, I am so excited to share with you all, a shabby holiday collection in collaboration with Target.  We have a magical ornaments and decorations.

    Holiday Onrmants_collage

    Pink Santa_instagram

    So for all of you who love the Shabby palette, holiday times are no exceptions…

    pink santa SF

    Don’t miss meeting the real Pink Santa at our stores...

    San Francisco , CA : Saturday, December 3rd from 1-4pm

    Santa Monica, CA : Saturday December 10th, from 1-4pm

    Ornaments & decorations available at select Target stores & target.com

    Select ornaments available at shabbychic.com

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  • Practical Beauties

    I always try to be super selective with the furniture and furnishings I bring into my home. I would rather go without something that doesn't feel quite right.  Especially because I seem to move around quite a bit, my furniture carries my memories often more than my home, and so I always strive to keep furniture forever.  So quality, and an aesthetic that is timeless, is important to me.


    Over the years, I have furnished my home largely from the flea markets, and in doing so, I have honed my craft of understanding what qualities of a piece are most desirable and which qualify to be a forever piece.

    trearues 2

    It’s taken time, but I am excited to be introducing a curated collection of reproduced pieces, based on my personal, forever to keep collection.

    lifestyle inspo collage

    This collection has been a labor of love, to achieve getting the carvings and the patina as authentic as possible along with making any functional requirements practical but subtle.

    Casegoods Collage_v1

    Over time, I will be adding to this collection, both in diversity of styles, romantic, modern and primitive, and in categories as I continue to add more pieces to this collection of beauties.

    searching for tearures

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