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Our Fan Favorite Liliput White Bedding Collection


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New Just Sleep X Rachel Ashwell Mattress Collaboration


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My philosophy of design is to create "forever", to keep pieces both in quality & aesthetics. However, on my travels I’m always looking for beautiful products that serve a meaningful purpose. Whether to refresh or compliment other beloved treasures. - Rachel


Whether setting a table for one or a party, a snack or a feast I believe dining should be celebrated. I always use fabric napkins, china and glassware to be sure the occasion is beautiful. - Rachel

Bedding & Bath

My bed is my sacred sanctuary. Where I have my first and last thoughts of my day. My priorities are peacefulness, prettiness & of course comfort. - Rachel


Shabby Chic® Clothing

 The world of Shabby Chic® just got a little bigger. Our Shabby Chic® Clothing Collection has landed. The Shabby Chic girl is a creative style-maker - unpretentious, self-assured, and a laid-back mix of vintage and modern.

The aesthetic combines our trademark tattered elegance, blending an English point of view with the ease of California living. Created for the adventurous wanderer who uses fashion and decor as a form of self-expression. It is our mission to inspire individualty and embrace unabashed femininity.

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