Jorunn Mulen Original Painting - Subtle Blues


The colour palette, texture and essence of Jorunns work has become a favorite of Rachel's. Jorunn Mulen is a visual artist from Norway.  

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      • 16”w x 16”h  
      • Sketch & Watercolor on Wood
      • Words from the artist "The autumn collection is very much influenced by my artist residency in Apricale, Italy, where I stayed in April and revisited in July and August. There I met some incredibly beautiful people which has been the inspiration behind my new portrait collection. For all my collections I’d like my paintings to tell stories like visual ballads or poems. Some may recognize parts of their own stories in my work. This allows the viewer to decide what the second part of the story is or should be. If you look closely, you can see traces of my search on the canvas or on the paper. Sometimes I don´t know what I´m looking for until I find it."

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