There is truth behind "the heart loves what it loves"... and I have always loved Rosabelle.  Over the years I have designed florals of every shape, size and shade. From the palette of blues, pinks, green and earth tones...  Some come and go, some become signature, and some come back for a revival, which is the beauty of having a brand for 25 years... like the re-release of an old song.  Bringing back an oldie but goodie is new to some, and the return of a beloved friend to others.

There are many considerations when deciding to retire a print that has been around for a while... it’s always a balance to make room for new collections. But there is something about Rosabelle that is irreplaceable, and so once again, Rosabelle is back.  I've always loved a ditsy floral, but the size of this cluster of flowers is slightly larger than a classic ditsy.  It’s not too sweet, but still feminine.  The pink flower is dusty with a vintage feel… and the ivory linen is the perfect base for ruffling.

So for those that have never seen Rosabelle before, I hope you learn to love her as I do.  And for those who have a history with Rosabelle, I hope you enjoy seeing an old friend.


Ashley Rain

Just absolutely love this!! If I could find the same material I would definitely make this!!! With the frills just love it!!


Hi Rachel…I have been a Shabby Chic obsessed fan for over 25years…LOVE LOVE your style and vintage designs which I get all my inspirations from…I had the absolute pleasure of meeting you years ago at Lillian August store in Connecticut for your book signing…
I just wanted to say I still have my Rosabelle duvet and shams…my first purchase …20 years ago…
the shams have faded some but your fabric is the BEST BEST…thank u xo

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