Sitting Pretty

Shabby Chic® Furniture - Savannah Tufted Chaise Lounge - Manor Floral Sage.

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Pillow Perfection

Handmade in Los Angeles by our craftsman. This timeless white poplin bolster is perfect for your bed or favorite resting spot. Finished with lace and gauze detailing

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Feeling Fall

Flirty ruffles and neutral tones. New Fall Shabby Chic clothing is here.

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Bed Refresh

Refresh your bedding with our beautiful floral prints

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Tufted Treasure

The Printed Floral Tufted Cushions are perfect for any Shabby space.

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My philosophy of design is to create "forever", to keep pieces both in quality & aesthetics. However, on my travels I’m always looking for beautiful products that serve a meaningful purpose. Whether to refresh or compliment other beloved treasures. - Rachel


Lighten up your space. Twinkle lights that brighten your home by adding an authentic touch.  Our lighting collections includes wall sconces, table lamps and chandeliers.  

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Bedding & Bath

My bed is my sacred sanctuary. Where I have my first and last thoughts of my day. My priorities are peacefulness, prettiness & of course comfort. - Rachel


Shabby Chic® Fabric & Upholstery

Shop new fabric options for upholstery or fabric by-the-yard options.  Contact for all options. 

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