Step by Step

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Two weeks behind us with our decision to file Shabby Chic into Chapter 11. The process of restructuring Shabby Chic is underway.
Since my last blog entry we have received over 200 comments of sorrow but also extra-ordinary support.

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For someone who is used to a road of flea marketing, this road is complicated.
We are having to challenge our creative brains to process basic business understandings.

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Many people are asking me questions...
When will everything be ok again?
What is the worst that can happen?
I am not really thinking about these thoughts.
Some people have disappointed me, but that emotion is pale in comparison with loyalty, genuine care and strength of character of so many.

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Our Greenwich Avenue and East Hampton Stores have closed.
My staff were of such support to the end.

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Both landlords are gentlemen.
They took the time to travel to meet me last week for tea.

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They both expressed the sadness that we had to close down.
Their words were self-less and they shared with me their words of wisdom.
I will be touched forever.

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And I will take their advice to heart.

The Shabby Chic Team at the corporate office spend every moment strategizing our turnaround.
There has been many a night we find ourselves sitting in my office, regrouping of the day’s events and discussing the following days agenda.
Often we don’t even notice the sun has gone down, and we are talking in the dark with the exception of the light source from my computer.

Golden tomorrow copy

Sometimes in the wee hours of the night I have fears of the "what ifs".
But the cliché of "one step at the time", plays out perfectly here.
Each and every day there are goals and I simply focus on the present day.
I don’t use up my energy on the “what ifs”.

I have been spending some extra time in the stores and reminding myself how much I love what we sell and how much my customers appreciate the products in our stores.

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Customers and vendors who have been caught in our situation are more concerned that we will make it though, than they are about their orders and that fuels the little engine of Shabby Chic.
The load is heavy, but we keep going.

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I am happy to say I am finding the time to work on my next book, which will be available in the fall.
It is a perfect place to pour my heart and soul.
My raw feelings are bringing out pure creativity.

Bruce Springsteen’s latest hit, "Working on a Dream", inspires me.
We are all in this together, working on all our dreams.
Even though Shabby Chic is a reality, I am working on my dream of making Shabby Chic well again.
And as always, the best place to dream is in my Shabby Chic bed.

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I have read every comment posted on the Shabby Chic blog.
I'm touched at how much belief you have in me and that in one way, shape or form, all will be ok.
I have printed out all your comments and put them in “my forever to keep” drawer. As to me they deserve the permanence of paper, without fear of being lost with a delete button.

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Hazelnut Cottage comment on the Endurance Blog Entry: quoted on Tuesday February 2008…

"There is much guidance in what does not and cannot happen in my life as there is in what can and does - maybe more."
Parker Palmer

Shabby Chic is being guided with all that can happen from what cannot.