Welcome to Shabby Chic®

Since 1989, Rachel Ashwell® Shabby Chic® has been your source for beautiful heirloom pieces that combine all the best of modern style and classic farmhouse charm. We cherish the beauty of imperfection: authentic time-worn patinas and handcrafted accents. Here in our online store, you can find everything from custom furniture handmade in Los Angeles to vintage accessories hand-picked by Rachel from around the world. Authentic vintage-inspired beauty, Rachel’s signature palette and our hand-crafted bedding and accessories are truly unique and what we like to consider future heirlooms.

We carry one-of-a-kind artwork, bench-built slipcovered furniture with custom slipcovers, and so much more.  We pride ourselves on furniture that is elegant, stylish and most importantly, comfortable.  We are known for our  armchairs and sofas, decorative pillows in our signature floral prints, side tables and more. A selection of beds, bedding and inserts, a simple or tufted headboard allows you to build the bed of your dreams. Our unique bedding and bedding sets bring your new bed to life and brings whimsical vintage charm to your bedroom. Beautify your ceiling, walls and floors our antique-inspired chandeliers, our selection of original artwork and bohemian decor. 

Shabby Chic® furniture combines comfort, lasting quality and good looks. Each piece of furniture in our collection is handmade by expert craftsmen and gives you the ability to order interchangeable slipcovers for every season in your choice of linen, velvet or cotton. Our living and occasional furniture is made to last a lifetime and with the belief that it can be loved for generations to come.  


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