Blue is the most favored colour of all by people.

And while in my design work I use blue second to pink, in my living life, it is the colour I love the most.

When I think of how we associate colours in different areas and how they are often interchangeable, I cannot imagine the ocean, the sky or jeans any other colour than blue.

Blue touches upon shades of grey & green (I've had many debates with my design team as to whether something is green or blue).

Many feelings are evoked in the world of blue. The lighter shades or blue have a calming and serene quality. It radiates trust and honesty.

While the darker shades are cool, strong and clear.

While blue can be associated with sadness, I always think of it as a beautiful sadness, not a dark and hopeless one (as sung by Christal Gayle in “Misty Blue”) 

Thank goodness we don’t have to imagine the world without blue.

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