As with so many people these past three years have been all about dealing with the unexpected. Unplanned situations that lead us to re-evaluating our lives. AS many of you know I began a venture to put a new anchor down back in England my homeland, and with all confidence rented out my beautiful home in California.

My house in L.A is a luxurious well-functioning home with my dream bathroom, kitchen and ample sleeping spaces for both myself and guests. 

While I have spent a lot of time finding an anchor in the UK, I’ve been based temporarily in a little rented cottage while other plans went sideways. All of this, causing me to have to find a temporary bolt hole back in California as more of the unexpected unfolded and I worked out what direction I was going in.

So with that, I returned to my familiar roots of Malibu, where I spent thirty plus years and where I raised my children, Jake and Lily. During this uncertain time, energy and non-attachment were more important to me than size and luxury. So, when the opportunity to rent a teeny tiny but soulful space on the water in Malibu came up, I grabbed it.

During this time of uncertainty, I found I was in some ways dismantling many parts of my life. The constant rhythm of the ocean, and vistas that seem to go on forever supported my need to be open to change as well as to feel grounded in the certainty of the rhythm of the waves.

 This temporary steppingstone houses some leftover beauties of furnishings from the Prairie days and other times in my life along with my Simple Sectional, being the centre stage of beauty and comfort

I don’t have my lovely bathroom or anywhere to put up friends (other than sleeping on my sofa), it is a modest and humble space but uncluttered and it’s given me clarity, little by little, in all areas in my life. This steppingstone is guiding me to where and how I belong in the next chapter of my life.

Somehow teeny tiny has given me the ability to take off my blinkers and see the bigger picture of life. This time here, in my little shabby shack by the ocean has been a meaningful one for me.  





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