Shabby Chic® Bedding Collection

Combining comfort with style, farmhouse-style bedding from Rachel Ashwell® Shabby Chic®  is made to whisk you off to dreamland. Simple and modern linen duvet covers are lovely with their matching shams, or try pairing them with one of our snuggly wedding ring quilts for a cozy snooze. Order separates or check out the full bedding sets Shabby Chic® has to offer! Whether you want sheets, shams, or duvet covers, we’ve got something for you in our collection. Even better: many of the options in this category are online exclusive, so you can only find them here! Check out all the exclusive options available on our site.

Don’t forget to pair your Shabby Chic® farmhouse-style bedding with sheets, blankets, pillows, and more from our other collections! You can even order your own bed frame right here in our store. Click around to see how you can create your dream bedroom with Shabby Chic.

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