A Little Bit Of Paradise


I have had a love affair with Malibu for 30+ years. It started before I had kids, married, with kids, divorced & and single. As my life has evolved, so too has the type of nest that suited my needs... Currently I have a little 500 sq-foot mobile home.  It's charming, humble and has everything I could possibly need. (Including sleeping for 5 albeit cozily)

 I have embraced that it's a trailer for what it is and not tried to pretend it's something that it's not, but added my shabby flair.

Of course painting over everything white, including the floor, was my starting off place. Because it's a beach shack, shades of blue was my complimentary color.

I inherited some good appliances (all fairly miniature), when I purchased the shack, so all I did was dress everything up little. I didn't compromise on tiles as I needed such a small amount, the cost was insignificant.

I made little magical moments with tiles and vintage wallpaper in the bathroom and kitchen. Because the shack is so close to adjoining neighbors I placed a film on the window with a floral pattern, to block out the not so nice view, but not block out light.

No place for clutter here.  Not even a junk draw.  So everything has a visually pretty and purposeful meaning.

This little shack speaks to all of my values... less is more, beauty, comfort and function and a little bit of imperfection.  What was once a not very charming box...

 ... I now may have a little piece of paradise.


 A Few of My Shabby Flair Tips: *Painted all floors & walls white *Replaced Home Depot kitchen island top with a marble slab from a scarp yard *Vintage wallpaper from Rosie's Wallpaper *Kitchen Tiles from Classic Tile in Santa Monica, CA *Floral Window Decal from Amazon


Amanda Jenkins

Rachel, some of my good childhood memories are of spending time at my grandparent’s trailer at Atlantic Beach, NC. We would all load up and head to the beach for a few days, and Granny would always fix a picnic lunch with fried chicken for us to stop and enjoy on the way. Everybody enjoyed naps on the daybed by the window in the living room, and we treasured these times. I love the way you decorated your getaway.

Kevin Hogue

Well if Rachel Ashwell can make a mobile home cool, I may begin to think of one somewhere fun and desirable as a second getaway!


Rachel, I, too, live in a mobile home. quite a happy surprise that you live in one too! Isn’t it wonderful to have that peace in your soul..Not to live according to others expectations, but to live in the joy and assurance of your own decisions and what is right for you. To others it may be just a mobile home. To me, its my castle.

Becky G

I like that you had Tim Kellers book in your pile of books-He is an amazing pastor.

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