For sure I have a very blessed life... Ever since I moved from London to Los Angeles (in 1979), surrounded by palm trees and the ocean,  I have always felt I live a vacation... Occasionally it rains in California (I wish it were more), but truly the climate is pretty perfect.

But a few weeks ago, it was my daughters birthday and the idea of a "proper" vacation was suggested.  Initially I resisted, for my same old reasons, I travel so much, we live near the beach etc etc... But in the end, i thought why not?  We decided upon Jashita Hotel in Tulum, a few friends and a five hour flight later... We arrived. With my few bits and bobs on hand i was ready to see what a true vacation would feel like...



Every day in my world i have so many decisions to make, some enjoyable, some stressful, but what I had forgotten, was what a treat it would be to not have to make ANY... except whether to swim, snorkle or go to the spa.  There was a nice balance of calm and spiritual peace.


It took my soul a little time to unwind.  While I think of myself as a peaceful person, and certainly the world of shabby chic is nurturing and calming, it is still a business and there is a lot that goes into keeping it all going.

Being an artist my creativity never shuts down, I'm always connected and thinking, but that's just a seamless expression. I found the perfect moment for a shabby tote and a shabby cover-up/nightie.


I found my favorite spot, a simple hammock and a couple of trees...  a rested mind and I learned the value of a true vacation.


Stacy - Sweet Life Farm

Lovely! For me this is what vacation is about! I can feel the tranquility. May you bring this back with you.

Timely as I just returned from five days of rest, with decisions limited to “what to eat, when to visit the spa”. I struggle with the same resistance to leaving and everyday load of owning a business. I’m looking forward to my next vacation and it may be Tulum.

Petra Matthew

I realize you have a very busy life and that you deserve a vacation. But I am happy that you decided to write more regular on your blog, because it always brings something peaceful somehow, just like your books. Now have fun there!

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