Old jeans and scruffy cowboy boots are my wardrobe staples but I have always had a love affair with lace and frills, as these counter balance my feminine and romantic side.

I have the same appreciation for decorating my home, rather simply, but still with accents of soft faded florals, linens and laces. I tend to prefer vintage laces and linens from the Victorian days, as I love the handmade qualities of crochet lace when attached to sometimes starched, sometimes heavy weight rumpled linen or cotton. I came across some inspiration pages from a Tim Walker book where he featured Russian Folk homes. There were many photos of inspiration for me from this chapter, for many reasons. Specifically to what would be a new bedding collection, a photo of a little Russian boy on a faded red silk ruffled bed cover, layered over a crochet edge. This combined with an old vintage cloth of mine, was enough inspiration for me to communicate my vision to my head designer and production sourcing team. (It always takes that vital village to translate my vision to actual product.)

 And it’s from this combination of inspirations, that the beautiful Cluny Lace Collection was born… Duvets, shams, a dust-ruffle and tablecloth. It took a few go arounds of sampling to get the lace just right, as especially when designing simple things, it’s all about the subtle details. I am happy with how we captured the feminine elements that I love, in a chunky, less frilly way.

The Cluny collection has found its way into our signature collection, likely to be around for quite some time. Little did Tim Walker and the little russian boy know it would spark such inspiration for me.




I am a Shabby Chic fan and my home, although under renovation, is beginning to reflect that wonderful look. Would like to know if the ethereal white gown portrait featured with you in the Beautiful Common Threads piece is sold on your website.

Chrissie J

I enjoyed reading your blog about Tim Walkers book ,the pictures are amazing ,I absolutely love your range of products and it was such a relief and inspiration to learn of you a few years ago and realise I’m not strange in my tastes at all ,a lot of people in my life love very modern and sleek designs but I’ve always loved old furniture ,fabrics,lace as well as my jeans and boots lolKeep the good work going ,I love it many thanks Chrissie


You just keep getting better all the time! I’m swooning over this Cluny lace!!

Tahlullah Ten-Brook

LOVE your new looks with the Cluny Lace and Russian Folk Houses! Cluny is always beautiful for a classic trousseau that will never go out of fashion. But the Russian Folk Houses harkens back to Dr. Zhivago and oh, how we loved that look!

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