How to create your own Shabby Farm, just like Rachel did at her home.

Step 1. – What to plant

Choose what to grow based on your season and climate. There’s plenty of information online or at your local nursery. Rachel chose lots of greens like kale and lettuce for daily smoothies and salads.

Step 2. – Healthy Soil

Whether growing directly in the ground (as Rachel did) or in pots, be sure to add organic compost and vegetable fertilizer to your soil prior to planting.  This helps add vitamins to your soil. Healthy soil means healthier vegetables and less bugs – you will be happy you took this step!

Step 3. - Watering
Don’t forget to water! A fancy irrigation system is not needed; just an old fashioned hose will do, so long as you remember to soak the soil a little bit every day. This can be a relaxing way to start your morning in solitude, or a fun way to spend some time as a family at the end of the day.

Step 4. – Harvest time

When it’s time to harvest salad greens or kale, pick a couple leaves off of each plant (instead of pulling out the entire plant). That way your farm will continue to grow for many months without needing to re-plant. This is true for things like tomatoes and cucumbers as well. Crops like radish will need to be re-planted, but they take only 30-35 days from seed to harvest so have fun and eat away!

fall harvest

Step 5. – Sharing is caring

Share the harvest!  Rachel loves to share her bounty with family, friends and neighbors. Be sure to use the hashtag #shabbyfarm on your pictures or tag Rachel at @rachelashwell so we can see how your farm is growing and what recipes you are creating with all your healthy produce.

Fall Harvest

Jill Volat is Rachel’s personal farm designer. She’s a garden educator, designer and consultant.  She’s also the founder of the nonprofit The Edible Apartment and the creator of the garden-inspired skincare line Earthling Beauty.

Visit for more information.

Fall garden


Barbara Chapman ~ French Ethereal

Your kitchen garden is lovely! This year I was able to plant just a few tomatoes but next year I hope to plant a small variety in our portable pots. We currently live at an RV park so everything we plant needs to be portable, just in case we change sites. :) Hoping to move to our own property this coming year 2018!


I love this farm business, I cant be like the woman in the picture but I will try to copy the look on the table.

Dana Burton

Thank you for the inspiration. I have always thought planting my own garden would be too complicated…I can do this! I love your simplified approach, “no fancy irrigation system needed, just a hose.” It’s also good to know that I don’t need a large plot of land…just enough. I’m definitely going to make this happen in the Spring!

Dana Morgan

Jill is an Earth angel! ?♥️?✨

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