Creative Collab With Lucy Ledger

I have always identified with the beauty in-between the cracks of life, and have always loved leftovers.  That concept has been at the core of Shabby Chic, the idea that "one man’s junk is another man’s treasure", These values can be seen throughout my collections over the years.  In fact, yards and yards of freshly laundered fabric go into cutting a couture slipcover, the little leftovers of fabric are always scooped up and turned into pillows that will sit proudly in many homes.

I inherited bags and bags of scraps of ribbons, laces, velvets and silks from my mother. All leftovers from her days of restoring antique dolls. Each little inch is so precious and in need of sharing.  I have been holding onto these treasures waiting for the right project. Recently while in London I had the good fortune to meet Lucy Ledger, a talented artist/card maker.  We decided to design a collection of cards using my beloved scraps.  My mum would be thrilled to know some of her bits and pieces were recognized as treasures of value.  I am proud to say, the card collection is now available in stores and online. Meet the lovely artist Lucy Ledger, read what inspires her and drew her to this project.

Rachel Ashwell: Tell us a little bit about your background as an illustrator and graphic designer? Lucy Ledger: I have been an illustrator and graphic designer for just over 16 years. I studied illustration in Manchester, UK and then went on to have a decade long career in graphic design. I founded my own design studio in March 2010 and it has since expanded quite rapidly. My style of working is hand painted elements and patterns married with digital design – I love layering up tactile materials, faded, rustic, distressed and primarily use soft colour palettes. I collect and scan materials and often re-work vintage illustrations and patterns. RA: What inspires your work? LL: I started my company when my Grandma passed me an old scrapbook containing greeting cards from the early 19th Century. The beauty in the artwork and the precious messages in the cards inspired me to want to create my own designs for people to treasure. Along with the whole notion of nostalgia, my primary inspiration day to day is interior design, I think that’s why I loved the Shabby Chic brand from the beginning, also, I live in an 18th century English cottage and that has helped inspire and evolve my eclectic style of design. RA: Where is your favorite place to create? LL: I have a small studio in an English village and it’s perfect for me; light bright and airy – I also absolutely love working outdoors where possible, collecting things to scan and photograph, emerging myself with nature and seeing old buidings becoming part of the natural landscape is so inspiring for new designs.  RA: How did you become interested in this project with Shabby Chic? LL: I have always wanted to work with Rachel and felt her interior style and my design style would work really well together. Rachel has been a huge inspiration to me and I have followed her journey from the beginning. Her style of design is just beautiful and effortless but more than that, the Shabby Chic brand has retained a real authenticity – it has stood the test of time and evolved without losing it’s core values and that is something to be hugely admired. I feel very grateful to have had this opportunity for us to work together. RA: What was your favorite part of the project? LL: My favourite part of the project was exploring the history of the precious little scraps and presenting them in a way that documented their part in Shabby Chic history - whether it was from the fabric archives or a little piece Rachel picked up to use purely as inspiration. I’m so happy we could find a way to use the fabrics as they have such a tie to Rachel’s design journey, I think anyone who has followed the brand over the years would love to own one of these little pieces of design history.


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Christie Jones Ray

These are so perfect! I was intrigued from the moment you mentioned a collaboration was in the works. The cards are absolutely lovely and so very charming. Lucy Ledger is a gem!
Well done!


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