Anyone who knows me, knows I could write a blog for weeks about my love of flowers and how they are at the core of so much of my design work and my personal life... I wanted to share a few photos I snapped, of my use of flowers to decorate place settings.

 Even one bloom placed in a dish can be a wow at the table. What I love about incorporating flowers in place settings is, it’s easy, you don’t need many and I often use leftover flowers, that perhaps have broken stems or are a little wilted.

Of course with my rose garden in California, I pretty much have 24/7 roses at my fingertips… lucky me.  But, I’m a big fan of the not so popular carnations, especially for this implementation, as they come in so many colors and their heads sit very properly in a dish or table. And then sometimes, I like to just lay tulips on the table, if they are on their last legs and cant stand up anymore…

 I have often used complete leftover rose petals to decorate buffet style bowls…  I love nothing more than to use every last scrap of beauty, until there is nothing left… Satisfying beauty.




Rachel, your posts are always thoughtful and simply inspiring. Your blog continues to be a lovely place to stop and be refreshed, and a gracious celebration of unconditional beauty.

Carol Ann

Rachel, you refresh my spirit with each blog that you do!

pat Mitchell

I have been a fan of yours for years. I love almost anything you produce. AND have lots of your things. Thanks for making my world a bit happier.

arlene cocke

Why would we not watch any and all of your posts???
I am 73 and you continue to inspire me every day.
Have been a fan for a long long time!

Will continue to be forever!!!!

Elaine Cubbins

Rachel, I honor the authentic simplicity of your vision. I’ve followed your progress over the years and am in love with your refined design, unique and accessible to the rest of us. I can take what I have in my own home and recreate your vignettes in my own style. BTW, Lily is an incredible designer Her little Santa Monica home in your last book was simple, elegant, fresh, and youthful! Thank you for including her.

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