I've always had a love of faux flowers. I think it started when I was a little girl and would go with my Mum searching for smooshed vintage silk and velvet flowers, returning home where I would watch her bring them back to life with steam.

Over the years my love of faux flowers included floppy floral hats, and when I could find them, stems for bouquets.

Many years ago I was on the Oprah Winfrey show promoting my Flea Market Treasures Book and the subject of faux flowers came up. She told me she didn't really like them, as way back then they were mostly stiff and very fake looking, the colors and textures were so obviously not real. So I had a dream that one day, I would create a collection of my favorite flowers, designed in my favorite arrangements in beautiful containers 

And so now my Forever Florals Collection is here.

Much attention and care has been taken to emulate the qualities of real flowers both in palette, form, and design. Other than having no fragrance, to me these are as beautiful, with the added bonus of lasting forever.

Some quite simple, Ballet Slippers & Symphony are two collections I love of dusty pink roses. Bella Donna is still simple, but rich by way of the deep pink petals placed in a patina urn.

Pretty Pastel is one of my favorite combinations of flowers, in a dusty delicate palette. And then the creme de la creme is My Floral Affair, inspired by many of the designs in my book of the same name.

So this week we launch the first chapter of the collection, with more to follow shortly. I hope you find the same love in them that I do, and enjoy them forever. 


Grace De Sio Barzyz

Faux flowers done right can really brighten a room and add that special charm that can grace any beautiful space. Rachel has done just that with her delightful faux floral arrangements. If you cant have garden fresh flowers everyday this is a wonderful and affordable way to achieve that same beauty. And remember faux flowers are forever.


I agree, these faux flowers are just like the real thing! Love love love.

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