A few weeks ago, we launched the Rachel Ashwell furniture collection and more recently I went with my team to The Prairie to shoot a few of the pieces, and there more than ever, each piece came to life. It is not an easy accomplishment to design a collection and even harder to get it produced. This collection has been a vision of mine forever, compiled of years of finding treasures, and curating a few chosen ones. Because they are mostly inspired by vintage finds, there were qualities and details that are hard to replicate today. But after much ado, the collection is now here. As we placed each piece in different parts of The Prairie, little personalities developed, and I would like you to meet them.


My name is Somerset. I know I am simply beautiful, a perfect example of faded grandeur. I am a bedside table, a console and a cabinet. We don't all match exactly but we do complement each other. My carvings are inspired by vintage pieces from years gone by. I think Marie Antoinette would have welcomed me into her home. My patina is fresh white, even though I have worn light grey accents. So, as fancy as I am, I have my imperfections therefor I am not intimidating.  At my core, I am romantic, so chandeliers and floppy roses compliment me well. But I am so pretty I can sit quietly in a more modern setting and feel like I belong.    


My name is Bella. I am an unusual size but I was inspired by one of Rachel’s all-time favorite vintage finds, that she has found useful for many years. So, she wanted me to be the size that I am. I have some pretty little carvings down my tapered legs and subtle details all around my base. I may be understated but I can sit comfortably next to a bed or quietly in other living spaces that I fit in well.   


My name is Heathcliff. One of Rachel’s favorite books of all time is Wuthering Heights. And I am a namesake to the main character. There is a dark and a light finish to me, that represents my character.  I am reliable and substantial, and whatever there is of me is meaningful. I have carefully considered hardware. My specialness is quiet but of deep value.


My name is Ella, if I say so myself, I am the belle of the ball. Rachel has always loved chairs like me. Whether for a fancy dinner in an elegant room, or in a funky kitchen as an everyday chair. I have a special little skirt which makes me both pretty and functional.  My carvings are a classic timeworn elegance. You can place me anywhere and I won’t disappoint.    


My name is Ella. I may be so very simple, but what there is of me is quite lovely. I am based off one of Rachel’s all-time favorite chairs. I am sturdy, comfortable and good looking. My patina is fresh and clean, and I am quite adaptable to where I can live. A cozy beach cottage or a city townhouse, I will blend in well in my simple special way.      


My name is Carmel. I am a coffee table, an end table and a console. There is nothing fancy about me but I am still a show stopper. My patina is bleached raw wood with a hue of white. I welcome easy family living. Feet on the table and organized clutter. I am strong but peaceful. An oversized comfy sofa, some flowers, books and me will make a house a home.


My name is Scout. I am a dining table. I have leaves so I can grow as needed, from medium to large. I have the most perfectly imperfect finish. I have the feeling of vintage, but I am not wonky or wobbly. I can be fancy or funky, plain or dressed up with frilly linens. I have been well designed with much thought on scale and function. I am very proud of myself.


My name is Madison. I am a traditional farm table. I come in a couple of different finishes, raw light wood or a grey base with a darker wood top. Both are pretty great. There is something about me that is just right. I am so excited for all the meals and conversations that will take place on me. If only I could talk, I would say come and enjoy me, sit around me for ours, eating and talking. I plan to live forever.


My name is Delilah. I am the smallest of the group, but I am so pretty. A little hippy and boho perhaps, but you can take me anywhere. A bedroom, living room, bathroom, even a hallway. I am useful and my Truly Teal patina is a quiet, little, special moment.


My name is Celeste, a fancy French name which suits me well. I have the loveliest legs which will compliment romantic or simple linens. I can float in a room or take up little space in a corner. I am one of those things that don't come along so often, but when found, a total treasure. (Also shown is our Cluny Lace Bedding Collection Coverlet.)


My name is Lloyd. I will become a best friend. Whether as a settee or a chair. I am a perfect balance of humble and strong. With my solid driftwood frame and my oversized mushy cushions, I will support hours and hours of comfy living.

This collection is my vision and a labor of love for all who helped bring it to life. To me there is a poetic grace to each piece that is meaningful in a home.


Laura Dahl

Dear special lady, Rachel.
Thank you for your blog and inspiration. I think that I am living a dream through your eyes.
I am looking for a cabinet like the blue one as found on page 22, in the latest “Romantic Homes” issue of your home. Do you have a cabinet available? If no, please point me in the right direction to find one. Butterfly kisses, Laura Dahl/San Diego

Teela Young

I have been searching for years for the name of a piece of your furniture Rachel. But no one seems to be able to help me. Hopefully you might remember the piece- it is marked exclusive Rachel Ashwell- it has a burlap covering underneath, looks like a temple chair with the rolled arms & rolled neck but there is something different about it to me. Anyway I could not find the name and tried a couple of different covers but they did not fit well & so I recovered it but can easily remove if I Ever get one of your covers. I have pictures but am unable to send through this website. If you might assist me: Teela Young, 24 Morgan Valley Dr., Vilonia, AR 72173. Ps- coming to The Prairie is on my Bucket List!

Dianne BALL

Congratulations Rachel, a well thought out coĺection of furniture…..and most importantly oh so yummy….beautiful xxx


I think I might be two timing – I’m in LOVE with Somerset & Scout! ;-) These pieces are gor-jus. So inspired.


I loooooovee Somerset, Bella & Scout… I keep coming back to check this out, it’s so beautiful :P

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