My time in London continues to get extended and now in March I am finally getting the cool weather I was seeking.  Despite the chill in the air, early signs of Spring are popping up. Even though there are only few flowers this time of year in the English countryside, mainly daffodils and little stumps of snow drops on my vista, I am finding the forever green fields breathtaking and freeing. With gentle baby lambs and grazing cows completing a scene that could be from a classic master painting. Only recently I connected the relevancy that my maiden name is Greenfield, very fitting I realize.

As always, I have my eyes looking for inspiration or just pretty things to sell and sometimes forever to keep treasures. It's a rare treasure hunt day that I don't come home with floral decor. I love the diverse styles of florals in design and how they inevitably always work together. An organized chaos of blossoms and blooms, kind of like my garden in Los Angeles. The below image is from my latest book, My Floral Affair.

In March, I made a quick trip to Target in Minneapolis for our annual design meeting to discuss collections for the year ahead.  We have been their quintessential floral bedding partner for many years now. While fashion transitions and recycles, my main stay is always around flowers, feminine, and romance inspired by qualities of days gone by. Our new floral bedding collections available at Target now: Lily Rose duvet and shams, Cactus Rosebloom duvet and shams, Pink Sprinkle and White Blue sheets.



Sandy kirtley

I need another pair of pink DuPonti drapes.
I have been purchasing and using Rachael Ashwell bedding, rugs, bags for many years. I love every piece I own and the more I wash them gently the more I love them. For over 20 years,
Love, love, 💕. Quality is “amazing”
Always pleasant sales girls in Santa Monica.

Norah Gorwits

Dear Rachel, I do hope your back’s better. If you’re in London on May 1st, I’d love to get you a coffee in one of the cafes in Bloomberg Arcade, EC4N 8AR, where I’ll be at 9am. You signed book at Brocante last summer, super talk! Afterwards, I passed suggestion to your Publisher, I imagined you visiting the world’s indigenous lace makers and producing a wonderful book out of your experiences. Best wishes, Norah.


oh Rachel! I saw your lovely new bedding at Target just yesterday and it did my heart good. It was so beautiful. I was just about to spend over 4k on DRAPERY and it was because I was forgetting what I love. So back to simple and beautiful for me. I read your last post too. I have been unwell for going on 2 years. So unexpected because I am always planning, making things happen. I can relate very much and I wish you a speedy full recovery. xo

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