I recently rewatched the Wizard of Oz. When I last watched it, I loved the music and the fantasy land visuals. I even enjoyed it in its original format of black and white, before it was transformed over to “technicolor”. 

But this time when I watched it I connected more to the the meanings of the most important components to being human, to have courage, a brain, a heart and the sense of home within ourselves. And the lesson to be learnt was that we think there is a “wizard” (or at least outside powers) that can give us these things, but really it is just inside ourselves and we just have to look. 

Shabby Chic is a romantic brand and I can see I balanced my heart, my brain & courage to build and sustain my business all these years. 

And then personally for me, love, romance & hearts halve always played a priority in my life. In some cases it's stronger than my brain!  But as quoted by the wizard from The Wizard of Oz “Hearts can never be practical until they can be made unbreakable." “But I still want one" said the Tin Man. 

But it’s only in recent times I have understood the important meaning of “self love.” I always thought that to be a new age indulgent thought. But I have learned that to love yourself involves gratitude for self--to be mindful to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. And be mindful to have self respect through self discipline of loving ourselves in the same way we love others.

I have often found it so much easier to love others, my children and friends thinking loving myself was vain. But I completely understand now the notion "the love we have to give is only as good as the love and respect we give ourselves."  And so as this “penny has dropped” for me I will be sure for every heart that crosses my path I will be mindful to spread some love onto myself as well as onto others.  


Helen S.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life long Romance.” Oscar Wilde

Mariann E Wenhaug

Thank you Rachel. You inspire me. I love your vision. Big hug, M

SaraL DeCosta Graffam

A very important lesson to a happy life! Brava !!!

Gladys Vitaliano

I also love Hearts 💕 I remember on your show you spoke about it and you would keep a small little plastic heart and your glasses and a candle right on you night table. I always remember that 💕😘

Tammy Fox

These words are simply beautiful. I have never been a fan of the Wizard Of Oz.. but reading this today and having seen a few other things come up about the this movie, you have made me see I am not loving or appreciating myself as I should, I-need to mindful and joyful and full of love for not just me but others as well.. so thank you for making me think and see, and for once in my life I now really do want to see the Wizard of Oz and learn these lessons… I will watch with an open heart and eyes…💗. With gratitude …. Tammy Fox

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