Many years ago I seemed to adopt the name lady in white, followed by my white slipcover iconic sofas... and then my decor in white followed. After many house remodels I now have my signature formula that I apply over and over.
I have just been working on a couple of small jobs and the choice of which white paint to choose can be overwhelming. There are so many great paints, but lately I have kept it simple. Gliden Paint, Bright White. This is the base white that tints are added to if other tones are desired, but I like the purity of the base. On walls I use eggshell for a slight sheen and then gloss on all trim.
My other favorite decor is taken from a commonly found detail in England, more for protection of walls in entry ways of dining areas, by installing a chair rail (molding) 36" from the ground. Then installing anaglypta paper below, which comes in many relief designs, and is then painted in eggshell white or a complimentary color.
When I do a room that I feel is too causal for the chair rail and anglypa paper, I simply paint a different color from the floor up (36"). This is a common decor choice in Morocco or Greece.
I decorate bathrooms and kitchens with white tile and marble mostly, but I do like to add little moments with either a tiny bit of color or white on white texture flowed into basic white subway tile.
"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." Hans Hoffmann



Thank you for another lovely and inspiring post, beautiful “lady in white!” Blessings and peace.

Helen Reece

I am doing up my own home and had in mind buying all your furniture and I am gutted as you appear to be gone – is there anywhere I can buy your sofas,beds etc or something similar in england. Any help greatly received.
Kind regards, Helen


Why can’t I buy your light pink blanket from Target anymore?? Been buying for years and they are the BEST!! Bought for gifts even because they are our favorite…please tell me how to purchase more of them! King light pink blanket with satin trim…please!!

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