The love I had for my Mama and the love I have for being a Mama is the best love of all.  Pure and unconditional.


While many commercial days of celebrations have become a little far fetched, I love the special observation of mother's day. Not sure why the US and UK observe on different days, my Mum and I were always confused by that. Now that my son has moved to London the legacy of confusion of this day  may well continue…….

Would love to have one more cup of tea with Mama, but we did that well, so i have 1000s of memories.

My Mama was for sure my biggest inspiration and led the way for my appreciation of hand made pretty things.

I have never found a love to be as pure and spiritual as a mother's love. While mums can drive us all crazy, they are also our safe haven, no matter what.

 Laughter, tears, lesson and pride. With total gratitude for these two gifts.

Someone else wrote this poem, better than I ever could…perfect words.

May all us lucky mamas, enjoy our day, and celebrate with gratitude whether or not with our children or our mamas, lucky US.


Sue Jackson

Hi Rachel,
I so, so LOVE your new blog! You’ve been missed in the blogging world. Thank you for the beautiful post. It really tugged at my heart.

Take care,



My mom passed two years ago. However, your blog brought back wonderful memories for me. Thank you!

Monica Ruth Loik Christener

Feliz Día Rachel!
Hermosas palabras has puesto en tu Blog.Eres inspiración para muchas mujeres que seguimos tu trabajo y tus hermosas creaciones por todo el mundo.Con todo mi cariño y respeto Feliz día de la Madre!Mónica


I always enjoy reading your blogs! Happy Mother’s Day! Hope it’s filled with love, light, and happiness. (And roses of course!)

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