Meet Designer: Megan Griswold

Meet Megan Griswold, a long time shabby lover and curator of Little Moving Spaces. Megan has built her career by traveling and finding beauty in tiny spaces. From her love of the rolling mountains and vast plains of Wyoming to the concrete jungle of New York City. These polar opposite elements have brought forth a dichotomy of design influences. As an interior designer, author and connoisseur of all things “cool” Megan has inspired us here at Shabby Chic for mixing traditional Shabby with an unconventional approach. We first met Megan while doing a housecall for her 100sq ft tiny West Village apartment. Megan was looking to maximize her tiny space by using one of our folk beds as a day time sofa and a night time bed all in one. Although the folk bed took up much of her space, she managed to make it feel cozy and quaint. Our silver twist baskets lined the top shelf as extra storage and our armed Renee Chair doubled as a desk chair and extra seating for guests. We slipped the folk bed in a white whisper linen and used our large body pillow and euros to fill out the back.

Megan came back to us within the year after she bought a yurt that came with an old school bus in Jackson Wyoming. She decided to turn the bus into a guest house and fill it with our petticoat linen bedding in blush. We are in continuous awe of Megan and her use of Shabby treasures in small unassuming spaces. Megan currently lives between her yurt in Wyoming and her beach cottage in Venice Ca. To see more of Megan’s interior design projects and to get inspired visit her website

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