Memories of The Visit

My good friend, Christina Strutt, of Cabbages & Roses and I recently had a treasure hunting day, driving on a rainy summers day from Bath to Oxfordshire. It is a beautiful part of the English countryside, known to some as the Cotswolds. Our main shopping destination was Station Mill in Chipping Norton. A store that spans a couple of floors and where everything is curated beautifully, not a rummaging shop.

I bought only a few things as I only had my small SUV with me. But I may pop back, I can't stop thinking about a few items. 

Christina wanted to introduce me to her long standing friend, Brigette Buchanan. She along with her hubby, Robin, own a company called ODD Limited which I have coveted for many years.Along with other things, they design and  make amazing swinging couches, which Helen Bonham Carter was quoted saying “I sat in bliss on my Old Rocker and my bottom went to heaven..." They are classic-English, whimsical, romantic, comfortable, beautiful and functional. Values I hold close to my brand and heart. Brigette invited us for tea to her home. She is a dynamic lady with a warmth and smile that is captivating. And so, it was no surprise that when I stepped foot into their home I didn’t know where to turn or where to stop. 

Without any clutter, every space in this home is considered informal and meaningful. It’s a home for family and friends as well as a quiet sanctuary.

I was inspired by Brigette's understated but brave placement of colour. Brigette’s palette is soft but strong. Combining floral prints, stripes, plaids and colours in a way that was magical, soothing and invigorating. I have since reflected and absorbed the beauty of her home and am completely inspired by the memories of the visit. 

The most charming of all was sitting outside on the abundantly mushy outdoor sofas, having tea, protected from the rain, looking at the rolling hills as the train in the distance went by with a gentle hum. It was a perfect day.


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Brenda Estill

This is divine. I love her lived in comfy home. So creative. I would love one of her swings!

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