30th Anniversary Collab: Minted Jewelry - Moshe Capelouto & Miriam Nichterlein

To celebrate our 30 year anniversary of Shabby Chic we wanted to collaborate with designers in different categories to our core business that resonated with our values and aesthetics. My uniform is blue jeans and a t-shirt but I always like to bring a subtle “bit of bling”. I like timeless classics often with a minimal modern twist. Minted was the perfect jewelry company to partner with. They had  the talent and sensitivity  to design a collection for Shabby Chic that fits into our world. The collection consists of 16 pieces. The star of the show is “Floraison”, a magical rose pendant and ring. A forever to keep treasure. I am so happy and proud of this celebratory collaboration. 
- Rachel Ashwell

Tell us about yourself, including how you two met and how Minted was born?

We met online! We both work in industries that require an eye for details and aesthetics, Moshe is a diamond cutter and custom jeweler, and I'm (Miriam) a make-up artist.

Tell us about your design style. What makes your jewelry unique/special?

We like things to be classic yet modern. Timeless pieces. Something that we envision a woman wearing now, and also 25 years from now or when it is handed over to her daughters.

Nothing we source has been mass produced or compromised in quality. For each item we make, there are only going to be a few made of each design – we both really enjoy uniqueness!

How did you go about designing the Shabby Chic collection?

Before designing for Shabby Chic we really thought about Rachel’s aesthetic. We went in to her store and spent some time in there really looking at themes and colors of Shabby Chic. We felt strongly that first and foremost Shabby was feminine and soft , with echoes of old world. The rose motif was everywhere, so there was no question that color rose and the rose motif would be in our collection.

We decided to use the pink sapphire for the feminine and rose color touch. We always use diamonds, it’s our signature and nod to the history of diamonds in Moshe’s family, but this time was particularly important because the collection was in celebration of 30 years of Shabby Chic – diamonds are 30 years.

How do you want your customers to feel when they wear your jewelry?

The tiny diamonds in a small piece have been personally sourced by us and are top quality. We hope that people feel that they have had a personal touch to their piece – because they truly have. We don’t keep a big inventory of jewelry and just pluck it from our stock when we have an order. We make it as we go, tweaking it for that client specifically.

As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?

We don’t draw it from one place in particular- it's definitely a mix of California style and our own personal design tastes. For Moshe a lot of it comes from vintage jewelry his mom wears – his Father (also a diamond cutter) has been making her beautiful diamond jewelry as gifts for as long as he can remember.

For myself, I am regularly surrounded by the latest trends on photo shoots and working with celebrities. I see jewelry trends before they hit the stores, and work with people that have exquisite taste - I definitely absorb some of that naturally.

What is your favorite piece you’ve created from the Shabby collection. What made it so special? 

Our favorite piece is definitely the ‘Floraison’ pendant and ring. When we sat down with Jaimee and Kelly to talk about the collection for the first time Jaimee mentioned she really would love there to be a rose included in the collection. It was a great moment because I had actually prepared a drawing prior of a rose ring and pendant that was inspired by some vintage jewelry pieces I had seen. From there we used a wax carver to create a mold that would be completely ours. The rose motif is such a strong part of Shabby Chic’s collection so it was really satisfying to see that piece come to life – and your clients have really loved and taken to ‘Floraison’. We get a kick out of seeing people loving and wearing our designs.

What do you live by? Do you have a favorite quote or mantra in life?

Quality over quantity. We strive to put care in to every piece.

When did you know that you found your love of making/ designing jewelry? What did that path look like for you?  

Moshe: My love of jewelry started before I knew I would work in jewelry. My father would make beautiful pieces of jewelry for my mother and even then I would appreciate the beauty and workmanship. The shine on the gold, the sparkle of a high quality diamond. 

Miriam: I have always loved designing and making beautiful things, and jewelry is just an extension of that. When you can create something beautiful, that beauty brings someone joy, it is just so satisfying to me. I do makeup for clients for that exact reason, and jewelry is a nice addition, and the great part is that it lasts forever!

What are your zodiac signs?

Moshe, Virgo. Miriam, Pisces.


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Delightful!! What very special jewellery … so much design and passion!

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