During these days of social isolation, many of us have had extra time on our hands. Once I adjusted to settling into the long days ahead, I have actually found myself feeling very inspired.

(The following images are examples of how movies have inspired my story telling for photoshoots) 

I am privileged to be in the English countryside on a sheep farm. I keep myself educated on events as they unfold but I try not to be consumed. While I think it’s quite beautiful that the world is taking a break, I know there is huge collateral damage that is occurring. There are heroes on the front line putting their lives at risk. So other than doing my part by “staying home” I wanted to be sure to put my time to good use given my good fortune of being safe in my home. 

Some of you may know I have been connecting most days on my Rachel Ashwell IGTV video (which you can view from my normal IG thread by clicking on the TV icon). I decided to do this to reach out to the “World of Shabby Chic” community and it actually has become a two-way street.

During this time, I have been kept company, kept connected, and also inspired. Everyone’s comments have been both comforting as well as inspiring to me. We share our interests in books, music, podcasts and sometimes just our thoughts.

At the top of my list of things to share was Andrea Bocelli’s Easter Sunday performance (which you can catch on his YouTube Channel). His humility and singing with all his heart in his own self-isolation, alone at the Duomo Cathedral in Milan was simply breathtaking and heartwarming to me. I have been sharing on my IGTV videos movie and music that have kept me company.

I tend to like love songs although classical music is magical too to me as well. I have quite a diverse love of music from opera, country, soft rock & even reggae. It’s a rare moment I don’t have music playing in my home. It’s a soft but gentle layer of company.

Movies and series have always been a great source of inspiration. Sometimes just for their aesthetic value but also for the feeling of storytelling that I take into my design world. Whenever I art direct photoshoots for Shabby Chic marketing or my books, I always have a narrative in mind. Even with the absence of people in the photos, our products or props come to life as we recreate a scene from a love story or a conversation at a table.


I find this brings soul into our products & making them a little more special. Below is a list of some of my favorite music and movies and series. 

Hope you enjoy. 

Mia 1 and 2: Loving the decor, palette, clothes and love story 

Saving Mr Banks ( Mary Poppins ) Costumes, decor and inspiring story 

Sex in the City Movie 1 Costumes and love story of Carey and Mr. Big

Out of Africa Scenery, Costumes, Decor, Love story and story of strong woman. 

The Note Book Scenery, decor and love story. 

Victoria History lesson Costumes Design Decor 

Cinderella ( most recent ) Magical costumes. 

The Crown History lesson Costumes, Design decor.


Numerous other fav movies 

Miss Potter ( story of Beatrix Potter) 

Downton Abby 

Gone with The Wind. 

Sound of Music 

Little Women ( with Winona Ryder) 

The Holiday 

Bridget Jones Diary 


A star is Born ( Lady Gaga) 

The Queen ( Helen Mirren) 

Mrs. Maizel

Nanny McPhee


Here are some diverse playlists that heave kept me company.

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